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Music Department


Professional Leave
Professional leave provides the opportunity for a teacher to represent the school system by attending meetings, chaperoning students for state-wide music events, workshops, and conferences of an educational and/or professional nature.

These days can be applied for through the local school or the county level supervisor, using the Absence Report Form. This form must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the event to receive leave. Notify the music office if the leave is no longer needed after having been approved.

This leave provides substitute teachers for the absent teacher. It is important for teachers to understand the different types of leave. It is imperative that teachers use the appropriate leave for each absence.

Critical Days
Critical days are those days during the school year which have been identified as especially crucial times for teachers to be in attendance. Except in cases of extreme emergency, teachers may not use personal leave on a critical day. Days designated as critical days may vary among levels (i.e. elementary, middle, and high). Consult the school district staff use calendar or your principal for information on the current school year critical days.