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Music Department

Piano Tuning

Piano tuners for the CCSD are acquired through a bid process. There are three approved piano tuners for schools to use.  Please have all school pianos tuned in one visit if possible to reduce costs.  Each piano should receive two tunings per school year.

  • Call any tuner to schedule an appointment
  • Please give the tuner time to respond if you leave a message before moving on to a different tuner to schedule.
  • Ask for a specific week for tuning and for a returned phone call to confirm the exact date and time (please leave phone number and best time to return call)
  • Please do not have front office schedule tunings
  • Document all correspondence with the tuner
  • Ask for all pianos needing tuning at the school to be tuned in the same trip, if possible
  • Have the pianos in a pre-arranged QUIET location for the tuning at the pre-arranged time
  • Be sure pianos are available for tuning as scheduled; we will be charged for unavailable pianos
  • Make the front office staff aware that the tuner is coming and the time he is expected
  • Sign the invoice indicating work was completed
  • The county music office will pay for the tuning of pianos

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Cary Thrift
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