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Music Department

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders
All purchases are handled by purchase order or procurement card. Purchase orders and procurement card purchases are the same as cash. All purchase requests must obtain principal approval prior to purchase.
When using a catalog or price list to prepare a purchase order, adhere to the following:
Use current literature with current prices
Be sure to include additional charges for handling and/or shipping
The teacher will be responsible if charges exceed the music budget .
No county-allotted funds monies may be carried over from one year to the next year. Monies which are not spent are forfeited.

Directors can no longer use confirmation orders to purchase materials.

Music on Approval
To keep paperwork to a minimum and for efficient bookkeeping, you are encouraged to avoid ordering music on approval with county funds.

If under $500, directors will request principal approval to take the instrument to the repair shop. The request should indicate amount "not to exceed $500. When picking up the instruments from the repair shop, call from the shop for a P.O. number. Do not send students to pick up repaired instruments which are to be paid for by the school. If a repair job (on one or multiple instruments) is likely to exceed $500, estimates must be obtained from two bidders before putting the items in for repair.

Maintenance of Accurate Records
It is your responsibility to check all orders for accuracy at the item the merchandise is received. This applies to cases when you have generated the purchase order and when the music office has generated the purchase order.  In cases of discrepancy between items requested and items received (shortages, overages, damaged goods, etc.) contact the vendor immediately explaining the problem and do not have our bookkeeper complete a receiver until all discrepancies have been resolved.

Use a ledger sheet and record each of your expenditures made on your account.