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Music Department


Bid Procedures

  • Check bid lists (choral & instrumental) for any items to be purchased.
  • If using district (county or local) funds, the bid prices must be used
  • If using PTA funds, bid prices may be used
  • Be sure to include the bid number on the purchase order

Quotes for Non-Bid Items Purchasing Website
The purchasing department has prepared a printable pocket purchasing guide that answers most questions regarding restrictions and guidelines for purchases. The regulations, which must be followed when making purchases for items not on bid with district funds, regardless of funding sources are:

  1. If the items you are ordering are not on the Contract List and TOTAL amount of purchase is: $0 - $999.99: Use your best judgment in making the purchase.
  2. $1,000.00 - $9,999.99: You must obtain two price quotes and keep on file at the local school/department level for audit purposes. If necessary, contact Procurement Services for assistance in obtaining the best value.
  3. $10,000 - $49,999.99: Procurement Services will release a solicitation. Complete and submit the Request for Solicitation Form available on our website.
  4. $50,000.00 – over: Procurement Services will release an Invitation For Bid or Request For Proposal. Board approval may be required for purchases $200,000 and up.
  5. Sole Source: When supplies or services required are available from only one responsible source, a Sole Source Justification Letter (Sample form in bookkeeper’s handbook and on web) to the Purchasing Director containing the following documentation must accompany the order:
    Explain why this is the only product or service that can meet your needs. Explain why this vendor is the only practical available source from which to obtain this product or service. Explain why this price is considered reasonable. Describe efforts you made to conduct a non-competitive negotiation to get the best delivery, warranty and payment terms and the lowest start-up cost for the taxpayers.
  6. Many of your needs may be handled more quickly and efficiently using a CCSD procurement card.