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Music Department

Religious Music

The Cobb County School District does not have a written policy regarding the use of sacred music in the music curriculum. It is important that the music curriculum include the study of music of all styles, forms, periods, and cultures. However, it is necessary that the teacher exercise good judgment and sensitivity in selecting non-secular music for study and programming for public performances.

The Music Educators National Conference suggests the following questions be considered:

  1. Is the music selected on the basis of its musical and educational value rather than its religious context?
  2. Does the teaching of music with sacred text focus on musical and artistic considerations?
  3. Are the traditions of different people shared and respected?
  4. Is the role of using sacred music one of neutrality, neither promoting nor inhibiting religious views?
  5. Are all local and school policies regarding religious holidays and the use of religious music observed?
  6. Is there sensitivity to the various religious beliefs represented by the students and parents?

MENC, Religious Music in the Schools, 1996

Music educators have an obligation to provide a quality and complete music curriculum. This obligation must be met with good judgment and common sense, keeping in mind the students, the community, and the law.