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Music Department


The following procedures will allow the warehouse to provide support service, equipment, and trucking, for special events and projects:

  1. Beginning in 2013, warehouse transfers will be made through the eqTransfer system located on the academic portal. Each school has a designate person in their building that enters these transfer requests. More details can be found here:
  2. There are no stages in the warehouse but there are about 15 sets of choral risers and acoustical shells. If these are not available for the date you need them, you will need to call other schools in your area to borrow the equipment, including any staging that you may need.
  3. When possible all musical equipment should be moved by local staff, custodians, and/or students. Use the warehouse staff only for large equipment requests and then this equipment should be wrapped, tied, boxed, and/or covered for protection. Do not ship mallets, beaters, sticks, or other small items unless they are boxed, sealed, and marked with the school name. The warehouse will not pack equipment. This is the local school’s responsibility.
  4. Local school staff and/or custodians are responsible for erecting stages, risers, and/or choral shells. Warehouse personnel or hired moving companies will not set up or take down equipment for transport.
  5. When warehouse personnel arrive on site to pick up or return equipment, there should be a local school staff person available to ensure that the equipment will be delivered to the correct destination.