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Inclement Weather

The following are reminders as to how to handle inclement weather with snow/ice, lightning, possible tornadoes and severe thunderstorms in conjunction with practices and games.

Athletic Cancellations During The Day By The District
• Adhere to all specific instructions transmitted on the plectron.
• Athletes are to go home when school dismissal occurs.

School Closings Prior To School Commencing
• No practices or games each day that school is out. No meetings either.

After Practices Or Games Have Started
• Any principal or coach may cancel when individual situations warrant such. Get all athletes, coaches, fans, etc. to safety immediately. Call the Athletic Office (770-426-3340) to notify of such a decision.

During Holiday Vacations
• Principal and coach use your best judgment.

School Cancellations With Practices And Games Resuming
• Sometimes school may be cancelled but practices and games may resume at a certain time.
• These directives MUST come from the Central Office. Do not resume practices or games, even if the weather turns nice, without Central Office approval.


Cobb Emergency Management Agency has severe weather warning sirens strategically placed throughout the County. Listed below is information regarding siren use in Cobb County. If you have additional questions, please call Safety and Security at 770-528-6860.

When Are The Sirens Sounded?
• Tornado watch with a severe thunderstorm warning
• Tornado warning
• Tornado actually spotted in the area
• If additional warnings are issued, the sirens will be sounded again
• DO NOT CALL 911 to ask why sirens are sounding

How Long Are The Sirens Sounded?
• Sirens are sounded continuously for 3 to 5 minutes

What Should I Do When I Hear The Sirens?
• Monitor the Board of Education Radio System for emergency messages from Safety and Security.
• If high winds, severe thunder and lightning are present, immediately go to a basement or safe area. Be sure to have a battery operated radio (with fresh batteries) so you will know when the storm has passed and when it is clear to leave your safe area.
• If you are outside, away from buildings or shelter, get away from trees and lie flat on the ground until the storm passes.
• If you are in a vehicle, get out immediately and go to a more substantial structure.
• If weather does not appear severe in your area, tune in to a local Atlanta TV station (WSB TV2, WAGA TV5, WXIA TV11) or WSB Radio (AM 750) for weather updates. Be prepared to quickly go to your safe area if weather conditions worsen.

Is An "All Clear" Issued When Conditions Are Safe?
• Safety and Security WILL NOT ISSUE AN “ALL-CLEAR”, that is left to local discretion and the decision left up to the local administration. Tornadoes are very unpredictable and for this reason you should monitor radio and TV channels from your safe area to determine when severe conditions have passed.

Why Do I Hear Sirens When The Weather Is Clear?
• Sirens are tested at 12:00 noon the first Wednesday of each month for 20 to 30 seconds, weather permitting. If questionable weather conditions exist on Wednesday, the test will be conducted on Thursday. If the weather is questionable on Thursday, the test is canceled for the month.
• When repairs are made on the sirens, repair personnel will test the sirens to ensure they are in working order.