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Cobb County School District Performing Arts Program

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Funded by your generous donations


  • The Arts educate, communicate, and inspire us to know more about ourselves, each other, and our culture and heritage.
  • The Performing Arts are those forms of art such as acting, dancing, and playing and singing music that are performed in front of an audience.

Our Purpose and Mission:

  • To provide opportunities for Cobb's children K- 8th grades to experience uniquely rewarding performing arts that might otherwise be unavailable to them
  • To spark curiosity, broaden awareness of the Arts, stimulate minds and emotions, foster creativity and inspire a lifelong interest and love of the arts with far-reaching effect
  • To encourage excellence in the arts by providing high-quality professional performances and opportunities for cultural enrichment through the performing arts

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Donations accepted year-round
Please make checks payable to your child's local school