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Cindy Nichols
Research & Grants Manager
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Mission Statement

The Grants Office actively seeks federal, state, corporate and private grants for the support of educating all of our children in the District. This effort is done with the support of the Leadership and along with the talented efforts of our teachers and school administrators. The Cobb County School District has been awarded many grants that provide innovative programs impacting all students.


July 2016: CCSD Grants Administration Training for Assistant Principals


DONORS CHOOSE - empowers public school teachers from across the country to request much-needed materials and experiences for their students. This is a non-cash exchange process that allows teachers to request materials to support their classroom educational project.


Continuation Awards 2016-2017:


21st Community Learning Center Grantees

After-school, Weekend and Summer Enrichment Programs


Name of Grant: Campbell High School - “Spartan STEM Diplomat Academy”

Principal: Dr. Jeanne Walker

Program Director: Ms. Matlea Parker

Grant Award: $251,901 Year 1, $166,028 Year 2 & 3, $149,425 Year 4, $132,822 Year 5

Five Grant Period: 2014-2015 through 2018-2019

Summary: The Spartan STEM Diplomat Academy will be aimed to address the lagging achievement in the areas of math, language arts and science and academic realization of Campbell High School students with special emphasis on students with disabilities and ELs through the strategic use of resources that allows students to gain access to tutors/teachers and technology to advance their academic success during after school hours. In the program, students will have the opportunity to attend sessions in language arts and mathematics. The students will receive exposure to new and engaging STEM modules where they will have access to hands on science and technology. Parents too will have the opportunity to learn about resources and how to foster academic achievement at home. The school will partner will community members and local universities to enrich the students’ experience and focus their thinking in college and career readiness. By having a highly interactive after school program that aims to address academic needs while engaging students in relevant learning activities and involving parents and the community, we hope to hold true to our school’s mission: preparing students to contribute and succeed in a global economy.

Board Post: Post 2 – Susan Thayer, Chair


Name of Grant: Baker Elementary, Acworth Intermediate & Barber Middle School - “Reach for the Stars Program”

Principal(s): Alison Broughton, Dr. Pamela Adeli & Tia Amlett

Program Director: Karen Scarborough

Grant Award: $349,693 Year 1 & 3, $314,724 Year 4, $279,754 Year 5

Five Grant Period: 2014-2015 through 2018-2019

Summary: The RFS Program serves 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students at Baker Elementary and Acworth Intermediate and serves 6th, 7th & 8th grade students at Barber Middle School during before school and after school hours.  Program provides homework support, academic & culturally enriched activities, and opportunities for literacy related educational development for families. The program offers engaging and interactive projects and experiments to students.  Some of the activities offered are Science, Math, book club, LEGO Robotics, Karate, sewing, cooking, International Studies, Archery, and Journalism.

Board Post: Post 1 – Randy Scamihorn

Special Recognition for the “Reach for the Stars Program” by the Georgia Department of Education: 2015-2016 Century Award