CCSD Office of Accountability

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Strategic Initiatives by Function

Testing and Assessment

  • Work collaboratively with schools and Curriculum/Instruction Division personnel to create a more balanced assessment system
  • Provide benchmark assessments aligned with standards for students in all schools
  • Ensure integrity of high stakes testing at each school

Research and Evaluation

  • Identify best ways to provide timely, relevant assessment data to classroom teachers, school administrators, and students for decision making in the improvement process and work with Technology Services to deliver it
  • Evaluate selected programs


  • Seek grants aligned with district or school direction

Student/State Reporting

  • Improve systems for reporting required information to the Georgia State Department of Education
  • Identify issues and implement solutions to address issues associated with transcripts at the high school level

Analysis and Planning

  • Help schools understand and use assessment results for instructional planning
  • Work with schools to develop and deploy school strategic plans
  • Gather and report meaningful data from stakeholders regarding the improvement process, implementation of Georgia School Standards, and specific curriculum areas


  • Improve NCLB processes such as AYP reporting, choice process
  • Develop a concise accountability system for evaluating and working with schools for improvement