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Germán Suárez
Supervisor, World Languages
P: 770-429-5840

Ana Murcia-Figueroa
P: 678-581-7415

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The purpose of the Cobb County School District's World Languages Program is to encourage the appreciation of cultural values; to enable students to learn to communicate in another language; and to prepare them to successfully enter and compete in an increasingly global society.

Our schools offer a variety of modern and classical languages, including:

Language Value/Opportunity
Arabic Highly valued for military and government jobs. High political importance.
Chinese The US’s biggest market and competitor. International Business and Government jobs both from USA and in China.
French Highly valued for military/government jobs particularly in Africa and Middle East
German Beneficial if involved in engineering, research. Strongest European market
Japanese International business and government sector – especially technology, auto, and electronics sectors
Latin Valued for developing foundational skills for other languages and for acquiring an understanding of the development of the legal, political, and social systems of the Western world.
Portuguese Brazil emerging as an economic power and target for international business.
Spanish A plus to offer US employers serving US market. International job opportunities focused on Central & South America and Europe.


The Office of World Languages does not endorse the study of any one particular language; both modern and classical languages are considered to be important cornerstones of any academic curriculum.

Each local school has the authority to limit the number of students enrolled in a particular language, due to teacher allotments and budgetary constraints. Every effort will be made to place students in their first or second choice of world language study.