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CCSD Board Policies and Administrative Rules

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Includes information on how the policy manual is organized, document specifications, and an overview of policies and rules.


This online manual contains the policies of the Cobb County Board of Education; the administrative rules intended to implement policy; and certain references or documents that relate to policies and/or rules.

Policy development is a dynamic, ongoing process. New problems, issues, and needs give rise to the continuing need to develop new policies or to revise existing ones. The online format of this manual provides for a quick and easy way to keep policies and rules up-to-date.

How to Use This Manual

The Cobb County School District operates according to the policies established by the Cobb County Board of Education. The Board develops policies after careful deliberation, and the district administration implements these policies through specific rules and procedures. The Board then evaluates the effectiveness of its policies and makes revisions as necessary.

How the Manual is Organized

The manual is organized according to a classification system that provides an efficient means for coding, filing, and finding Board policies, administrative rules, and other documents.

There are 13 major classifications, each bearing an alphabetical code:

A - School District Organization (Foundations and Basic Commitments)
B - School Board Operations (School Board Governance and Operations)
C - General School Administration
D - Fiscal Management
E - Business Management (Support Services)
F - Facility Expansion Program (Facilities Development)
G - Personnel
H - Negotiations (Not Used)
I - Instructional Program
J - Students
K - General Public Relations
L - Interorganizational Relations (except education agencies)
M - Relations with Other Education Agencies

Sub classifications under each major heading are based on a logical sequence and alphabetical sub coding.

There are two ways to find a policy or rule in the manual: The first is to consider where the policy or rule might reasonably be filed among the 13 major classifications, and review the online table of contents. The second way to locate a policy or rule is to utilize the online word "search" feature.

Document Specifications

Dates.  Where possible the original date of adoption/approval/issuance appears immediately following each policy/rule.  In other instances, an approximate date or revision date is used.

Legal references.  These references are not intended to be part of the policy itself, nor do they indicate the basis or authority for the board to enact this policy. Instead, they are provided as additional resources for those interested in the subject matter of the policy.

Cross reference.  Certain policies/rules relate to others. Cross references are provided following many statements to help the reader find all of the related information.

Order of precedence.  Board of Education policies and rules must be read and interpreted in light of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.) and State Board of Education policies.

About School Board Policies

Generally, the role of a Board of Education is to set the policy and the role of administration is to execute it.

Policies are principles adopted by the Board to chart a course of action. They tell what is wanted and many also include why and how much. They are broad enough to indicate a line of action to be taken by the administration in meeting a number of day-to-day problems; they need to be narrow enough to give the administration clear guidance.

Rules are the detailed directions developed by the administration to put policy into place.  They tell how, by whom, where and when things are to be done.

In addition to those policies required by state statute and/or State Board of Education policy, the Cobb County Board of Education has established specific directives for the Superintendent.  These directives provide guidance regarding the expectations of the Board.  They include:

     Policy BBD - Board-School Superintendent Relations
     Policy CEB - Superintendent Duties
     Policy CEJ - Superintendent Separation
     Policy DB - Planning, Programming, Budgeting Systems
     Policy DI - Accounting and Reporting
     Policy JA - Treatment of Students
     Policy KA - Treatment of Consumers
     Policy KB - Public Information Program

Section "A" - Foundations and Basic Commitments
The district's legal role in providing public education and the basic principles underlying school board governance.

Index Title Attachments
AB School Board Legal Status  
ABB Board Powers and Duties  
AC School District Organization Plan  
AD-R School Attendance Areas AD-1: Request for Out of Zone Transportation
AEA School Calendar  
AF School Day  
AF-R School Day  
AFC Emergency Closing  
AFC-R Emergency Closing  

Section "B" - School Board Governance and Operations
The school board – how it is appointed or elected; how it is organized; how it conducts meetings,
and how the board operates.

Index Title Attachments
BA Goals and Objectives  
BB Internal Organization  
BBA Board Officers  
BBBA Board Member Duties  
BBBC Board Member Development Opportunities  
BBBE Board Member Compensation and Expenses  
BBC Board Committees  
BBD Board-School Superintendent Relations  
BBE School Attorney  
BBFA Local School Councils  
BBFA-R Local School Councils

BBFA-1: Model Bylaws

BBFA-2: Request for Information

BBFA-3: Recommendation to the Board

BBFA-4: Council Nomination Form
(Korean)     (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

BBFA-5: Model Agenda for School Council Meetings

BBFA-6: Model Minutes for School Council Meetings

BBFA-7: Code of Ethics for School Council Members

BBFA-8: School Council Annual Report

BC Board Meetings  
BCBI Public Participation in Board Meetings  
BD Policy Development  
BDF Review of Administrative Rules  
BH Board Code of Ethics  
BHA Board Member Conflict of Interest  
BHB Nepotism  

Section "C" - General School Administration
School management, administrative organization, and school building and department administration.

Index Title Attachments
CEB Superintendent Duties  
CEI Superintendent Evaluation  
CEJ Superintendent Separation  
CMA-R Administrative Rules  
CMB Administration in Policy Absence  
CO Administrative Reports  

Section "D" - Fiscal Management
School finances and the management of funds.

Index Title Attachments
DA Fiscal Management Goals and Objectives  
DB Planning, Programming, Budgeting System  
DFA Local Tax Revenues  
DFF-R Grants  
DFJ-R District Property Replacement/Restitution  
DI Accounting and Reporting  
DIC-R Inventories  
DID-R Audits  
DIE-R Fraud Prevention  
DJD-R Expense Reimbursement  
DJEE-R Local Purchasing  
DK-R Student Activities Funds Management  
DO-R School Properties Disposal Procedures  
DP-R District Logo, Trademarks and Identity Marks  

Section "E" - Support Services
Non-instructional services and programs, particularly those on buisness management such as safety,
building and grounds management, office services, transportation, and food service.

Index Title Attachments
EB-R Buildings and Grounds Management  
EBBG-R Risk Management

EBBG-1: Student/Site Visitor Accident Report

EBGA-R Improvement/Modifications to the District Internet  
ECH-R Authorized Use of Equipment and Supplies

ECH-1: District Technology Property Checkout Agreement

ECH-2: Teacher-Staff Laptop Agreement

ECH-3: New Teacher Laptop Agreement

ECI-R Communications System  
ED Student Transportation Management  
ED-R Student Transportation Management  
EE Food Service Management  
EE-R Food Service Management  
EEA-R Free and Reduced Meals  
EEE-R Wellness Program

EEE-1: Wellness Program Protocol

EEE-2: Nutrition Standards for All Foods Sold In Schools

EF-R Data Management

EF-1: Records Management Handbook

EF-2: Records Transmittal Form

EF-4: Notice of Record Disposal

EF-5: Records Destruction Notice

EF-6: Labeling and Packing Information

EF-7: Retained Record Request

EGAA-R Workers' Compensation  
EGD-R Indemnification and Protection for District Personnel  

Section "F" - Facilities Development
Facility planning, financing, construction, and renovation.

Index Title Attachments
FDAG-R State Government Involvement in Long-Range Planning  
FDC-R Naming Facilities  
FEAB-R Selection and Employment of Architecture and Engineering Services

FEAB-1: Architect's Fee

FEAE-R Construction on District Property Funded by Others

FEAE-1: Request for Project Approval

FEAE-2: Waiver - Contractor or Individual

FEAE-3: Waiver - Parent/Guardian and Child

FEAE-4: Waiver - Club or Organization

FEAE-5: Project Completion Financial Information

FEDA-R School Yard Habitat Protection  
FGB-R Site Acquisition Procedures  
FGC-R Construction Contractor Prequalification

FGC-1: Contractor Disqualification Affidavit

FGC-2: Contractor Pre-Qualification Reference Form

FGD-R Facilities Projects Contracts  
FGG-R Facilities Projects Change Orders  
FHCA-R Names on Building Plaques  

Section "G" - Personnel
All school employees except for the superintendent.

Index Title Attachments
GA Treatment of Staff  
GAA Personnel Goals and Objectives  
GAAA Equal Opportunity Employment  
GAAA-R Equal Opportunity Employment  
GAD Professional Learning Opportunities  
GAE Complaints and Grievances  
GAE(2)-R Complaints and Grievances, Certified Employees

GAE(2)-1: Certified Employee Grievance Form - Level I

GAE(2)-2: Certified Employee Grievance Form - Level II

GAE(2)-3: Certified Employee Grievance Form - Level III

GAE(3)-R Complaints and Grievances, Noncertified Employees

GAE(3)-1: Noncertified Employee Grievance Form - Level I

GAE(3)-2: Noncertified Employee Grievance Form - Level II

GAEA-R Staff Protection  
GAEB Harassment  
GAEB-R Harassment  
GAG-R Staff Conflict of Interest

GAG-1: Disclosure of Relationship with Vendors

GAGC-R Employee Ethics

GAGC-1: Professional Conduct by Educators

GAGC-2: Georgia PSC Code of Ethics for Educators

GAHA Staff Participation in Community Activities  
GAHA-R Staff Participation in Community Activities  
GAK(1) Criminal Background Check  
GAKA Reduction in Force  
GAKA-R Reduction in Force  
GAMA Drug-Free Workplace  
GAMA-R Drug-Free Workplace  
GAN Employee Tobacco Use  
GAN-R Employee Tobacco Use  
GANA Infectious Diseases  
GAO Employee Resignations  
GAO-R Employee Resignations  
GARA-R Employee Health Examination/Driving Record  
GARC Employee Recruitment
GARC-R Employee Recruitment  
GARD Employee Hiring  
GARE-R Employee Assignment  
GARF-R Employee Transfer  
GARH-R Leaves and Absences

GARH-1: Request for Leave under FMLA

GARH-2: Disability Certification

GARH-5: Employee Donating Sick Leave to Spouse Employed by District

GARH-8: Release to Return to Work

GARH-10: Request for Maternity/Adoption Leave

GARH-12: Request for Leave (First Year Employment)

GARH-13: Request for Leave (Bereavement)

GARI-R Employee Evaluation  
GARK-R Vacations  
GBA Compensation Guides and Contracts  
GBA-R Compensation Guides and Contracts  
GBB-R Personnel Positions  
GBBA-R Personnel Qualifications and Duties  
GBK-R Discipline, Suspension, and Dismissal of Staff  
GBRC Professional Personnel Work Loads  
GBRG-R Non-School Employment

GBRG-1: Support Organization Extra-Curricular Pay Reporting Log

GBRGB-R Tutoring for Pay  
GBRIB(1) Catastrophic Illness Leave Bank  
GBRIB(1)-R Catastrophic Illness Leave Bank

GBRIB(1)-1: Catastrophic Illness Leave Bank Request Form

GBRIB(1)-2: Physician's Verification Form

GBRIG Federal Family and Medical Leave Act  
GBRIG-R Federal Family and Medical Leave Act

GBRIG-1: Certification of Health Care Provider

GBRIG-2: Family Member's Serious Health Condition Certification

GBRIG-3: Qualifying Exigency Certification

GBRIG-4: Military Caregiver Leave Certification

GBRIG-5: FMLA Military Caregiver Next of Kin Verification Form

GBRJ-R Arrangement for Substitutes  
GBRL-R Employee Dress Code  
GBT-R Professional Publishing  
GCRA(1)-R Drug Screening  
GCRD-R Classified Personnel Overtime Pay  

Section "I" - Instructional Program
Instructional program: basic curricular subjects, special programs, instructional resources and academic

Index Title Attachments
IA Student Performance Standards and Expectations  
IAB Educational Accountability  
IB Instructional Program Goals and Objectives  
IBB-R Charter Schools

IBB-1: Start-up Charter School Petition Rubric Review Instrument

IBB-2: Start-up Charter School Renewal Petition Rubric Review Instrument

IBB-3: Conversion Charter School Petition Rubric Review Instrument

IBB-4: Conversion Charter School Petition Renewal Rubric Review Instrument

IBB-5: Charter Amendment Guidelines

ICC-R Curriculum Research  
ICD-R Pilot Projects  
ICFA-R Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines  
IDAI-R Magnet Programs  
IDB-R Health Education

IDB-1: Health Instructional Time and Maximum Class Size Requirements

IDBC-R Physical Education

IDBC-1: Physical Education Instructional Time and Maximum Class Size Requirements

IDC-R Extended Programs  
IDCE-R Advanced Placement  
IDCH Dual/Joint Enrollment Programs  
IDCH-R Dual/Joint Enrollment Programs

IDCH-1: Information Guide for Post-Secondary Options

IDCH-2: Dual/Joint Enrollment Program Rule (Applicable for courses taken during and prior to the 2012-2013 school year)

IDCH-3: Information Guide for Post-Secondary Options (Applicable for courses taken during and prior to the 2012-2013 school year)

IDD-R Special Programs IDD-1: ADA Programs Accessibility Grievance Procedures
IDDD-R Gifted Student Programs IDDD-1: Referral for Gifted Eligibility
IDDM-R Alternative School Programs  
IDE-R Co-Curricular Activities  
IDE(1) Competitive Interscholastic Activities, Grades 9-12  
IDF-R Interscholastic Activities  
IDFA Gender Equity in Sports

IDFA-1: Gender Equity in Sports Grievance Form

IDFB-R Sportsmanship  
IE-R Instructional Arrangements  
IED Scheduling for Instruction  
IED-R Scheduling for Instruction  
IEJ-R Above-Grade Acceleration  
IF-R Instructional Resources

IF-1: Sample Letter: Paperback Books

IFAA-R Instructional Resources Selection and Acquisition  
IFBC Media Programs  
IFBC-R Media Programs

IFBC-1: Guidelines for Selection and Assignment of High School Parallel/Summer Reading Materials

IFBC-2: Guidelines for Selection and Use of Supplementary Guidance Materials

IFBC-3: Instructional Materials Appeal Form

IFBC-4: Parent/Guardian Permission Form for Supplementary Materials

IFBG-R Technology Acceptable Use

IFBG-1: Permission to Display Student Work

IFBG-2:Permission to Use a Third Party Work

IFBG-3: Work Made for Hire Agreement

IFBG-4: Legal Information

IFBGE Internet Safety

IFBGE-1: Online Technology Consent Form
(Chinese)          (French)         (Korean)    
(Portuguese)     (Spanish)

IFC-R Community Instructional Resources  
IFCB-R Field Trips

IFCB-1: Field Trip Request

IFCB-2: Overnight Field Trip

IFCB-3: "Blanket" Permission to Participate in a Series of School Sponsored Field Trips
(Korean)    (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

IFCB-4: Permission to Participate in One Day Field Trips
(Korean)    (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

IFCB-6: Permission to Participate in Overnight Field Trips
(Korean)     (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

IFCB-7: Procedures for Requesting Extended Field Courses

IGB-R Student Support Teams/Response to Intervention  
IH Student Achievement  
IHA-R Grading Systems  
IHAA-R Final Examinations  
IHAB-R Report Cards  
IHAD-R Communication with Parents/Guardians  
IHE Promotion and Retention  
IHE-R Promotion and Retention
IHF-R Graduation Requirements

IHF-1: Request for Approval to Take Non-Traditional Courses

IHF-3: Graduation Requirements - Students Enrolling in the Ninth Grade Prior to the 1993-1994 School Year

IHF-4: Graduation Requirements - Students Enrolling in the Ninth Grade in the 1993-1994, & 1994-1995 School Years

IHF-5: Graduation Requirements - Students Enrolling in the Ninth Grade in the 1995-1996, 1996-1997, & 1997-1998 School Years

IHF-6: Graduation Requirements - Students Enrolling in the Ninth Grade in the 1998-1999, 1999-2000, 2000-2001, & 2001-2002 School Years

IHF-7: Graduation Requirements - Students Enrolling in the Ninth Grade in the 2002-2003, 2003-2004, 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007, & 2007-2008 School Years

II-R Testing Program  
IKB-R Controversial Issues  
IKD School Ceremonies and Observances  
IKDB-R Graduation Ceremonies  
IKF-R School Stores  
IKI-R Lesson Plans  

Section "J" - Students
Enrollment, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct discipline, health and welfare,
and school-related activities.

Index Title Attachments
JA Treatment of Students  
JAA-R Equal Educational Opportunities JAA-1: Student Equity Grievance Form
JB Student Attendance  
JB-R Student Attendance

JB-1: Georgia's Compulsory Attendance Law
(Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JB-3: Sample 5-Day Letter
(Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JB-4: Social Worker Referral Form

JB-5: Attendance Protocol

JBC-R School Admissions/Withdrawals

JBC-1: K-1 Out-of-State/Out-of-Country Verification

JBC-2: Statement of Legal Residence

JBC-3: 30-Day Enrollment

JBC-4: Objection to the Use of Social Security Number
(Chinese)     (French)     (Korean)
(Portuguese)    (Russian)     (Spanish)

JBC-5: Student Enrollment Form
(Arabic)    (Korean)     (Portuguese)    (Spanish)

JBC-5b: Student Re-Enrollment Form
(Arabic)    (Korean)     (Portuguese)    (Spanish)

JBC-8: Authorization to Release Records

JBC-9: Disclosures Required For Conditional Admission

JBC-10: Parent/Guardian Permission For Voluntary Withdrawal

JBC-12: Student Withdrawal Form

JBC-12b: Student Enrollment/Withdrawal Verification

JBC-14: Kinship Caregiver Affidavit

JBC(1) Homeless Students  
JBC(1)-R Homeless Students

JBC(1)-1: Student Residency Statement (SRS)
(Arabic)     (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JBC(1)-2: School of Origin Request
(Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JBC(1)-3: Procedure For Transportation to School of Origin

JBC(1)-4: Written Notification Form
(Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JBC(1)-5: Information on the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act
(Arabic)     (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JBC(1)-6: Procedure For Free Lunch

JBC(2)-R Home Study JBC(2)-1: Transcript of Course Work
JBC(4) Transferring Credits  
JBCCA Student Assignment to Schools  
JBCD-R Transfers

JBCD-2: Hardship Transfer Request

JBCD-3: Request to Complete Semester

JBCD-4: Request to Continue Enrollment

JBCD-5: Senior Attendance Permit

JBCD-6: Victim of Violent Crime Transfer Request

JBCD-8: Temporary Employee List

JBCD-9: Request for Children of Employee Transportation

JC(1)-R Non-Enrolling Parent Rights  
JCAB-R Interviews and Searches of Students

JCAB-1: Outside Agency Interviews and Investigations

JCAB-2: Protocol for Students on Probation

JCAB-3: Release of Information to Probation Officers

JCAC-R Sexual Harassment Reporting and Investigation

JCAC-1: Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

JCAC-2: Complaint Investigation Report

JCD Student Conduct  
JCD-R Student Conduct

JCD-1: Reporting of Student Committing Prohibited Acts

JCDA-R Student Code of Conduct
(Korean)     (Portuguese)

JCDA-2: GRIP (Gaining Respect in Intervention and Prevention)

JCDA-3: Receipt of Parent Information Guide
(Chinese)     (French)     (Japanese)     (Korean)
(Portuguese)     (Russian)     (Spanish)     (Vietnamese)

JCDA-4: Student Witness Statement

JCDA-5: Code of Conduct - Translated

JCDA-6: School Checklist for Student Code of Conduct Orientation

JCDA-7: Administrative Referral Form
(Elementary)     (Middle)     (High)

JCDB-R Student Dress Code  
JCEB-R Student Hearing Procedure

JCEB-1: Student Due Process Hearing Waiver Form

JCEB-2: Student Due Process Hearing Procedures

JCEB-4: Disciplinary Hearing Tips for Student Witnesses

JCEB-6: Employee Waiver Form for Student Disciplinary Hearing

JCEB-8: Affidavit of Indigence

JDB-R Detention

JBD-1: Saturday School Entry Contract (High School Only)

JDD-R Student Suspension
JDD(1)-R Suspension/Expulsion of Disabled Students  
JDF Teacher Authority to Remove Students from Classroom  
JDF-R Teacher Authority to Remove Students from Classroom  
JG Student Welfare  
JG-R Student Welfare

JG-1: DFCS Protocol

JG-2: Questions Asked During Child Protective Services Intake Process

JG-4: Georgia Child Protective Services Mandated Reporter Form

         Georgia Child Protective Services Instructions

JG(1)-R Monitoring and Recording Staff and Students

JG(1)-1: Permission to Display Student Photograph/Name
(French)     (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JG(1)-2: Permission to Allow Student to Participate in Media Relations or Interviews
(Arabic)     (Spanish)

JGA-R Student Insurance Program  
JGC School Health Services  
JGC-R School Health Services

JGC-1: Clinic Supplies and Equipment Checklist

JGC-2: Standard Health Care Precautions

JGC-3: Exposure to Blood/Bodily Fluids Response Procedures

JGC-4: Religious Objections to Required Immunizations

JGC-4b: Religious Objections to Required Health Screening

JGC-5: Inclusion/Exclusion of Students with Possible Infectious Disease

JGC-6: Procedures When Students Show Signs of Illness or Injury

JGC-7: Infectious Disease Reporting Protocol

JGC-8: Medical Evaluation Report

JGCD Medication  
JGCD-R Medication

JGCD-1: School Nursing/Clinic Procedures

JGCD-2: Authorization to Give Medication

JGCD-3: Medication Administration Record (MAR)

JGCD-4: Controlled Substances: Quantity Received

JGCD-5: Disposal of Medication Notification Letter

JGCD-6: Medication Disposal Sheet

JGCD-7: Authorization to Carry Over-the-Counter Medication

JGCD-8: Hypodermic Injection Request from Parent/Guardian

JGCD-9: Hypodermic Injection Request from Legal Prescriber

JGCD-10: Authorization to Carry Prescription Medication

JGCD-11: Doctor's Orders for Emergency Seizure Medication

JGCD-12: Medication Error Report

JGCD-13: Q&A: Medications and Health Care at School
(Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JGCD-14: Unclear or Insufficiently Specific Prescription Sample Letter

JGCD-15: Controlled Substances Inventory Form

JGCD-16: Missing Controlled Substance Report

JGF Student Safety  
JGF(2) Seclusion or Restraint of Students  
JGF(2)-R Seclusion or Restraint of Students

JGF(2)-1: Student Restraint Incident Report Form

JGFB-R Supervision of Students

JGFB-1: Sample Letter to Parents/Guardians Who Drop-Off Children Too Early

JGFB-2: Overnight Activity Request Form

JGFC-R Dismissal Precautions  
JGFF-R Automobile Use

JGFF-1: Notification of Truancy and Tardy Rule

JGFGB Concussion Management  
JGJA-R Suicide Prevention  
JHA-R Student Activities Fund Raising

JHA-1: Fundraiser Proposal and Approval

JHA-2: Competitive Foods Fundraising Guidelines

JHA-3: Online Fundraiser Guidelines

JHC-R School Clubs/Organizations and Student Organizations  
JHCC-R Student Publications  
JHD-R Student Social Events  
JQF-R Married and Pregnant Students  
JQK-R Exchange Students JQK-1: Minimum English Proficiency Criteria
JQM At-Risk Students  
JR Student Records  
JR-R Student Records

JR-1: Records Center Request (Form Deleted. Use Online Form Here.)

JR-2: Revised Date of Graduation

JR-3: Parent/Guardian Request for Education Records

JR-4: Transfer of Cumulative Record Within District

JR-5: Checklist for Cumulative Record

JR-7: Checklist for Cumulative Record: Withdrawals

JR-8: Checklist for Cumulative Record: Graduates

JR-9: Student Data Privacy Complaint Form

Section "K" - General Public Relations
Parent and community involvement in schools.

Index Title Attachments
KA Treatment of Consumers  
KB Public Information Program  
KB-R Public Information Program  
KBCCB-R COBB EdTV Educational Access Channel  
KG-R Use of School Facilities

KG-1: School Users Request for Facility Use
     (Internal Access Only)

KG-2: Community Users Application for Facility Use

KG-3: Facility Use Fee Schedule

KG-3a: Lassiter Concert Hall Use Fee Schedule

KJ-R Advertising in the Schools

KJ-1: Application for Outdoor Advertising

KM-R Visitors to Schools

KM-1: Authorization to Release Confidential Information

KM-2: Confidentiality Agreement

KMA-R Loitering  

Section "L" - Interorganizational Relations
The school district's relationship with other non-educational agencies.

Index Title Attachments
LDAN-R Relations with Planning and Zoning Authorities
LDD-R Federal Government

LDD-1: LDD-R Spanish Translation

LE-R Partners in Education
LEBA Parental Involvement in Education  
LEC-R Booster Organizations

Section "M" - Relations with Other Education Agencies
Including other school systems, regional or service districts, private schools, colleges and universities,
education research organizations, and state and national education agencies.