CCSD Board Policies and Administrative Rules

Section "F" - Facilities Development

Facility planning, financing, construction, and renovation.


Index Title Attachments
FDAG-R State Government Involvement in Long-Range Planning  
FDC-R Naming Facilities  
FEAB-R Selection and Employment of Architecture and Engineering Services FEAB-1: Architect's Fee
FEAE-R Construction on District Property Funded by Others FEAE-1: Request for Project Approval

FEAE-2: Waiver - Contractor or Individual

FEAE-3: Waiver - Parent/Guardian and Child

FEAE-4: Waiver - Club or Organization

FEAE-5: Project Completion Financial Information
FEDA-R School Yard Habitat Protection  
FGB-R Site Acquisition Procedures  
FGC-R Construction Contractor Prequalification FGC-1: Contractor Disqualification Affidavit

FGC-2: Contractor Pre-Qualification Reference Form
FGD-R Facilities Projects Contracts  
FGG-R Facilities Projects Change Orders  
FHCA-R Names on Building Plaques  

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