CCSD Board Policies and Administrative Rules

Section "G" - Personnel

All school employees except for the superintendent.


Index Title Attachments
GA Treatment of Staff  
GAA Personnel Goals and Objectives  
GAAA Equal Opportunity Employment  
GAAA-R Equal Opportunity Employment  
GAD Professional Learning Opportunities  
GAE Complaints and Grievances  
GAE(2)-R Complaints and Grievances, Certified Employees GAE(2)-1: Certified Employee Grievance Form - Level I

GAE(2)-2: Certified Employee Grievance Form - Level II

GAE(2)-3: Certified Employee Grievance Form - Level III
GAE(3)-R Complaints and Grievances, Noncertified Employees GAE(3)-1: Noncertified Employee Grievance Form - Level I

GAE(3)-2: Noncertified Employee Grievance Form - Level II
GAEA-R Staff Protection  
GAEB Harassment  
GAEB-R Harassment  
GAG-R Staff Conflict of Interest

GAG-1: Disclosure of Relationship with Vendors

GAGC-R Employee Ethics GAGC-1: Professional Conduct by Educators

GAGC-2: Georgia PSC Code of Ethics for Educators
GAHA Staff Participation in Community Activities  
GAHA-R Staff Participation in Community Activities  
GAK(1) Criminal Background Check  
GAKA Reduction in Force  
GAKA-R Reduction in Force  
GAMA Drug-Free Workplace  
GAMA-R Drug-Free Workplace  
GAN Employee Tobacco Use  
GAN-R Employee Tobacco Use  
GANA Infectious Diseases  
GAO Employee Resignations  
GAO-R Employee Resignations  
GARA-R Employee Health Examination/Driving Record  
GARC Employee Recruitment
GARC-R Employee Recruitment  
GARD Employee Hiring  
GARE-R Employee Assignment  
GARF-R Employee Transfer  
GARH-R Leaves and Absences GARH-1: Request for Leave under FMLA

GARH-2: Disability Certification

GARH-5: Employee Donating Sick Leave to Spouse Employed by District

GARH-8: Release to Return to Work

GARH-10: Request for Maternity/Adoption Leave

GARH-12: Request for Leave

GARH-13: Request for Leave (Bereavement)
GARI-R Employee Evaluation  
GARK-R Vacations  
GBA Compensation Guides and Contracts  
GBA-R Compensation Guides and Contracts  
GBB-R Personnel Positions  
GBBA-R Personnel Qualifications and Duties  
GBK-R Discipline, Suspension, and Dismissal of Staff  
GBRC Professional Personnel Work Loads  
GBRG-R Non-School Employment GBRG-1: Support Organization Extra-Curricular Pay Reporting Log

GBRGB-R Tutoring for Pay  
GBRIB(1) Catastrophic Illness Leave Bank  
GBRIB(1)-R Catastrophic Illness Leave Bank GBRIB(1)-1: Catastrophic Illness Leave Bank Request Form

GBRIB(1)-2: Physician's Verification Form
GBRIG Federal Family and Medical Leave Act  
GBRIG-R Federal Family and Medical Leave Act GBRIG-1: Certification of Health Care Provider

GBRIG-2: Family Member's Serious Health Condition Certification

GBRIG-3: Qualifying Exigency Certification

GBRIG-4: Military Caregiver Leave Certification

GBRIG-5: FMLA Military Caregiver Next of Kin Verification Form
GBRJ-R Arrangement for Substitutes  
GBRL-R Employee Dress Code  
GBT-R Professional Publishing  
GCRA(1)-R Drug Screening  
GCRD-R Classified Personnel Overtime Pay  

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