CCSD Board Policies and Administrative Rules

Section "J" - Students

Enrollment, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct discipline, health and welfare, and school-related activities.


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JA Treatment of Students  
JAA-R Equal Educational Opportunities JAA-1: Student Equity Grievance Form
JB Student Attendance  
JB-R Student Attendance JB-1: Georgia's Compulsory Attendance Law
      (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JB-3: Sample 5-Day Letter
      (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JB-4: Social Worker Referral Form

JB-5: Attendance Protocol
JBC-R School Admissions/Withdrawals JBC-1: K-1 Out-of-State/Out-of-Country Verification

JBC-2: Statement of Legal Residence

JBC-3a: 30-Day Enrollment Waiver for Proof of Birthdate
      (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JBC-3b: 30-Day Enrollment Waiver for DPH Form 3231
      (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JBC-3c: 30-Day Enrollment Waiver for DPH Form 3300
      (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JBC-3d: 30-Day Enrollment Waiver for Pending Move
      (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JBC-4: Objection to the Use of Social Security Number
      (Portuguese)    (Spanish)

JBC-5: Student Enrollment Form
      (Portuguese)    (Spanish)

JBC-5b: Student Re-Enrollment Form
      (Portuguese)    (Spanish)

JBC-8: Authorization to Release Records

JBC-9: Disclosures Required For Conditional Admission

JBC-10: Parent/Guardian Permission For Voluntary Withdrawal

JBC-12: Student Withdrawal Form

JBC-12b: Student Enrollment/Withdrawal Verification

JBC-14: Kinship Caregiver Affidavit

Power of Attorney for Care of a Child
JBC(1) Homeless Students  
JBC(1)-R Homeless Students JBC(1)-1: Student Residency Statement (SRS)
      (Arabic)     (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JBC(1)-2: School of Origin Request
      (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JBC(1)-3: Procedure For Transportation to School of Origin

JBC(1)-4: Written Notification Form
      (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JBC(1)-5: Information on the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act
      (Arabic)     (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JBC(1)-6: Procedure For Free Lunch
JBC(2)-R Home Study JBC(2)-1: Transcript of Course Work
JBC(4) Transferring Credits  
JBCCA Student Assignment to Schools  
JBCD-R Transfers JBCD-6: Victim of Violent Crime Transfer Request

JBCD-9: Request for Children of Employee Transportation

JC(1)-R Non-Enrolling Parent  
JCAB-R Interviews and Searches of Students JCAB-1: Outside Agency Interviews and Investigations

JCAB-2: Protocol for Students on Probation

JCAB-3: Release of Information to Probation Officers
JCAC-R Sexual Harassment Reporting and Investigation JCAC-1: Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

JCAC-2: Complaint Investigation Report
JCD Student Conduct  
JCD-R Student Conduct JCD-1: Reporting of Student Committing Prohibited Acts
JCDA-R Student Code of Conduct
      (Portuguese)     (Spanish)
JCDA-2: GRIP (Gaining Respect in Intervention and Prevention)

JCDA-3: Receipt of Family Information Guide
      (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JCDA-4: Student Witness Statement

JCDA-6: School Checklist for Student Code of Conduct Orientation

JCDA-7: Administrative Referral Form
      (Elementary)     (Middle)     (High)
JCDB-R Student Dress Code  
JCEB-R Student Hearing Procedure JCEB-1: Student Due Process Hearing Waiver Form

JCEB-2: Student Due Process Hearing Procedures

JCEB-4: Disciplinary Hearing Tips for Student Witnesses

JCEB-6: Employee Waiver Form for Student Disciplinary Hearing

JCEB-8: Affidavit of Indigence
JDB-R Detention JBD-1: Saturday School Entry Contract (High School Only)
JDD-R Student Suspension
JDD(1)-R Suspension/Expulsion of Disabled Students  
JDF Teacher Authority to Remove Students from Classroom  
JDF-R Teacher Authority to Remove Students from Classroom  
JG Student Welfare  
JG-R Student Welfare

JG-1: DFCS Protocol

JG-2: Questions Asked During Child Protective Services Intake Process

JG(1)-R Monitoring and Recording Staff and Students JG(1)-1: Permission to Display Student Photograph/Name
      (French)     (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JG(1)-2: Permission to Allow Student to Participate in Media Relations or Interviews
      (Arabic)     (Spanish)
JGA-R Student Insurance Program  
JGC School Health Services  
JGC-R School Health Services JGC-1: Clinic Supplies and Equipment Checklist

JGC-2: Standard Health Care Precautions

JGC-3: Exposure to Blood/Bodily Fluids Response Procedures

JGC-4: Religious Objections to Required Immunizations
      (Portuguese)      (Spanish)

JGC-4b: Religious Objections to Required Health Screening
      (Portuguese)      (Spanish)

JGC-5: Inclusion/Exclusion of Students with Possible Infectious Disease

JGC-6: Procedures When Students Show Signs of Illness or Injury

JGC-7: Infectious Disease Reporting Protocol

JGC-8: Medical Evaluation Report
JGCD Medication  
JGCD-R Medication JGCD-1: School Nursing/Clinic Procedures

JGCD-2: Authorization to Give Medication

JGCD-3: Medication Administration Record (MAR)

JGCD-4: Controlled Substances: Quantity Received

JGCD-5: Disposal of Medication Notification Letter

JGCD-6: Medication Disposal Sheet

JGCD-7: Authorization to Carry Over-the-Counter Medication

JGCD-8: Hypodermic Injection Request from Parent/Guardian

JGCD-9: Hypodermic Injection Request from Legal Prescriber

JGCD-10: Authorization to Carry Prescription Medication

JGCD-11: Doctor's Orders for Emergency Seizure Medication

JGCD-12: Medication Error Report

JGCD-13: Q&A: Medications and Health Care at School
      (Portuguese)     (Spanish)

JGCD-14: Unclear or Insufficiently Specific Prescription Sample Letter

JGCD-15: Controlled Substances Inventory Form

JGCD-16: Missing Controlled Substance Report
JGF Student Safety  
JGF(2) Seclusion or Restraint of Students  
JGF(2)-R Seclusion or Restraint of Students JGF(2)-1: Student Restraint Incident Report Form
JGFB-R Supervision of Students JGFB-1: Sample Letter to Parents/Guardians Who Drop-Off Children Too Early

JGFB-2: Overnight Activity Request Form
JGFC-R Dismissal Precautions  
JGFF-R Automobile Use JGFF-1: Notification of Truancy and Tardy Rule
JGFGB Concussion Management  
JGJA-R Suicide Prevention  
JHA-R Student Activities Fund Raising JHA-1: Fundraiser Proposal and Approval

JHA-2: Competitive Foods Fundraising Guidelines

JHA-3: Online Fundraiser Guidelines
JHC-R School Clubs/Organizations and Student Organizations  
JHCC-R Student Publications  
JHD-R Student Social Events  
JQF-R Married and Pregnant Students  
JQK-R Exchange Students JQK-1: Minimum English Proficiency Criteria
JQM At-Risk Students  
JR Student Records  
JR-R Student Records JR-1: Records Center Request (Form Deleted.)
      Use Online Form Here

JR-2: Revised Date of Graduation

JR-3: Parent/Guardian Request for Education Records

JR-4: Transfer of Cumulative Record Within District

JR-5: Checklist for Cumulative Record

JR-7: Checklist for Inactive Student Records

JR-9: Student Data Privacy Complaint Form

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