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International Welcome Center (IWC)

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Glynis Ramos-Mitchell

Glynis Ramos-Mitchell
Supervisor, IWC

Cori Pedraza
Bilingual Secretary
P: 678-331-3086
F: 678-331-3964


1560 Joyner Ave.
Marietta, GA 30060


Language Service Request Form

Interpreter Evaluation Form 

Important Instructions!
1. Open the forms using the CHROME BROWSER (currently does not work in the new Microsoft Edge).
2. Save the BLANK form to your computer.
3. Complete the form and save again.
4. Attach the completed form and email to

MUST be submitted
14 days in advance.

The Cobb County School District International Welcome Center (IWC), facilitates home-to-school and school-to-home communications by providing local schools, parents, and community with the following support services: middle school English language proficiency assessment for international students, high school English language proficiency testing for international students which includes advisement, grade placement and transcript evaluation, as well as translation of district policies and local school documents, interpretation of school related meetings, student evaluations, parent conferences, special education meetings, and hearings.

The IWC provides literacy and academic programs, workshops, and assists families with acculturation and school involvement.

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance.

¿No habla inglés? ¿Necesita ayuda?

Si usted no habla inglés y necesita ayuda con el proceso de inscripción o una cita para la evaluación de inglés para estudiantes en la escuela media (middle school, 6°-8°) o en la secundaria (high school, 9°-12°), favor de comunicarse con el Centro Internacional de Bienvenida (International Welcome Center) al 678-331-3134. Los estudiantes de la escuela primaria (elementary school, K-5°) deben de comunicarse con la escuela directamente.

Note: Non-English speaking families in need of interpretation/translation services may contact the International Welcome Center at 678-331-3086.

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International Welcome Center Staff

Translation & Interpretation Services
Glynis Ramos-Mitchell
678-331-3086 | Email
International Welcome Center
Yamile Sardinas
Bilingual Intake Specialist
678-331-3134 | Email
International Welcome Center
Vicki Campos
International Student Advisor
678-331-3134 | Email
International Welcome Center
Doug Snyder
International Student Advisor
678-331-3134 | Email



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