One Team, One Goal: Student Success!

Dr. Mae Wlazlinski

María Barnette
Bilingual Secretary
P: 770-426-3410
F: 678-331-3964

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Mission Statement:
Cobb County School District (CCSD) ESOL Program mission is to help ensure the English language development and academic success of English Learners (ELs).  The ESOL Program aims to work with all teachers at all grade levels and administrators of ELs to provide high-quality instructional programs designed to develop proficiency in English, while meeting challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards.

To be the district leader in Georgia in ensuring the academic success of every English language learner as demonstrated by the annual increases in the percentage of children (a) making progress in learning English, (b) attaining English proficiency by the end of each school year, as determined by a valid and reliable assessment of English proficiency, and (c) making progress toward meeting academic reading and math goals for the English Learner subgroup.  CCSD ESOL Program will build capacity towards becoming a district leader by (1) providing high-quality professional development to teachers and staff, that is designed to improve the instruction and assessment of LEP students, is based on scientifically based research, and is of sufficient intensity and duration to have a positive and lasting impact on the educators’ performance in the classroom, (2) providing parent outreach and training activities designed to assist parents to become active participants in the education of their children and assist them in learning English and achieving at high levels in core academic subjects, (3) maintaining all required enrollment, academic and assessment documentation for all ESOL-eligible students, monitored ESOL students and immigrant children and youth, and (4) expending Title III funds and carrying out activities that are in compliance with Title III requirements.

All ELs will succeed and will have equal access to opportunities to achieve academic excellence.

Core Values:

  • Focused programs, practices and efforts to ensure successful development of English language proficiency and access to state content standards
  • Committed partnerships with teachers, administrators, and parents to ensure EL students’ academic success
  • Hard work and strong sense of commitment and responsibility
  • Compliance with Title III and federal laws and SBOE Rule 160-4-5-.02 Language Assistance: Program for English Learners (ELs)

ESOL/Title III Support Staff

LaShaun Odom-Williams
Title III Compliance Manager
678-331-8142 | Email
Stephen Matta
Title III Research Analyst
770-426-3410 | Email
Gabrielle Valazco-Wyant
Data Specialist
678-331-3086 | Email


ESOL/Title III Consultants

Sean Bagley
ESOL/Title III Consultant
Jeffrey Chandler
ESOL/Title III Consultant
Arleen Folorunsho
ESOL/Title III Consultant
Camelle Simmons
ESOL/Title III Consultant
Roxanne Stewart
ESOL/Title III Consultant


Family & Community Engagement

Aldo Alcaraz-Lopez
Support Manager
Rafael Gutierrez
Support Specialist
Luly Kure
Support Facilitator
Sixto Mojica
Support Specialist


ESOL Program Goals:

  • Value and build upon students' academic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Create a supportive learning environment.
  • Assist students in reaching their full academic potential.
  • Build connections between ESOL and school wide instructional programs.
  • Encourage participation of students and their families within the school and the community.
  • Foster understanding and appreciation of diverse populations within the school and the community.

Parent Tool Kit (No Child Left Behind)

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