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Business Services

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 Jill Vestal, Senior Executive Director of Business Services

Jill Vestal
Senior Executive Director of Business Services
Business Services

Darcy Snelling
P: 770-514-3850
F: 770-590-4595

Business Services is comprised of the departments of Procurement Services, Food and Nutrition Services, Warehouse Operations and Records Management and is a vital part of the Operational Support division of the Cobb County School District.

Business Services Departments

Cynthia Downs
Executive Director
Food & Nutrition Services
Donny Kirby
Mailroom Clerk/Courier
Business Services
David Odom
Procurement Services
Howard Siggelko
Asst. Director
Warehouse / Records Management
Earl Wallen
Mailroom Clerk/Courier
Business Services
Brent Wood
Mailroom Clerk/Courier
Business Services

The Procurement Services Department works with schools and end-user departments to establish and maintain contracts for day-to-day supply and operational needs.  In addition, Procurement Services handles construction (or capital project) bids and RFPs.  They assist schools and departments in purchasing goods/services not already on active contract and ensure that purchases of goods and services are consistent with public procurement principles and are in compliance with District policies and applicable state/local/federal laws.

CCSD Food and Nutrition Services is responsible for providing nutritious meals daily for CCSD students and school staff in compliance with District policies as well as applicable local, state and federal guidelines.  Meal service provided by FNS at each location varies, but may include breakfast, lunch and/or After School Program snacks.

Warehouse Operations manages the District’s internal mail collection and distribution as well as the disposal or redistribution of excess and surplus property.  Responsibilities also include pick-up and delivery of testing and curriculum materials, maintaining a limited inventory of furniture for growth and replacement needs and assisting with textbook distribution.

The Office of Records Management is responsible for providing direction and coordinating the District’s records management plan including maintaining, archiving and appropriately disposing of CCSD student, staff, financial and other records.