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Chief of Staff

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Dr. Angela Huff
Chief of Staff

Sherri Churney
Executive Secretary
P: 770-426-3452
F: 678-594-8559

Areas of Responsibility

Cobb Education Foundation
Sheri Brante
Executive Director
Jennifer Gates
Assistant Director

Legislative Liaison
Policy, Planning & Student Support
Darryl York
Executive Director Policy, Planning & Student Support


  • Legislative Priorities
    Each year, the Cobb County School District meets with members of the Cobb legislative delegation to present its approved list of legislative priorities. With the variety of comprehensive issues related to state funding and school-related legislation, CCSD is well served by keeping local legislators apprised of important education issues.
    2014-2015 Legislative Priorities

Community Relations

The Cobb County School District strives to maintain a positive, purposeful, and active relationship with the families of its students, and with the wider community in which it operates. We do this by working with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), the Cobb Chamber of Commerce, civic organizations, local school councils, and other groups to build the community support vital to the success of our schools.

Partners in Education
In partnership with the Cobb Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and organizations are paired with Cobb County schools to provide volunteer support, extra funding or unique services matched to individual school needs.