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 Donna Lowry, Director of Communications
Donna Lowry

Lisa Watson
Assistant Director

Mary Jane Kelso
P: 770-426-3345
F: 678-594-8567

Welcome to Communications!

The Office of Communications assists schools with communications needs and promotes open and responsive communication between schools and their respective communities. In addition, the Office of Communications directs system branding and messaging; provides important information to stakeholders; and works daily with the media. We aim to present a robust communications program that increases understanding of, commitment to, and advocacy for the school district and its mission and goals. Most of all, we strive to support and serve all who need our expertise.

Communications Staff

Lee Hill
District Webmaster
770-514-3863 | Email
Nan Kiel
Press Relations
770-514-3855 | Email
Michele Mizzell
Automated Calling System Specialist
770-514-3895 | Email
Michelle McDade
770-426-3300 | Email
David Owen
Multimedia Coordinator
770-514-3847 | Email
Kevin O'Shea
Cobb edTV Station Manager
770-420-4942 | Email
Ravi Narine
Media Production
770-514-3819 | Email