Student achievement has always been the main priority of the Cobb County School District, and in a year filled with challenges, successes, and transition, that focus has remained constant. This annual report documents a year in the life of this ever-growing District and provides insight into our goals for the future.

Preparing our students for each 'next step' in learning is the goal of every teacher in Cobb, whether it's the next grade level, beginning a career, or moving into the world of higher education. Ensuring that our students are grasping the curriculum and meeting our high standards of success is the means of reaching that goal.

I'm proud to see our test scores continuing to rise as evidence of our approach. SAT scores in Cobb jumped two points in 2003-2004 (to 1040) and another seven points in 2004-2005 (to 1047). If you browse the Testing Program section of the Annual Report, you'll also see our high school students continuing to excel on End-of-Course Testing and the Georgia High School Graduation Test.

Third, fifth and eighth graders in Cobb continue to best national averages on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills and we are seeing gradual improvement in many of our high-risk schools, as well. We're celebrating these positives, while also being proactive in overcoming the challenges that many of our students and schools face. Getting the Cobb County School District to meet all the standards for Annual Yearly Progress is a top priority.

I encourage you to read through the entire Annual Report, which documents the many different facets of the District and the variety of services we provide to students, their families, and the community.

I've been honored to serve Cobb as Superintendent for the past several months and equally honored to return as Chief Academic Officer, where I'll support our new Superintendent Fred Sanderson and continue to promote our students' success.

Jill Kalina

Dear Cobb Community,

I'm proud to have returned to the Cobb County School District as Superintendent, and look forward to our bright future. As we continue to press forward through the 2005-2006 school year, this Annual Report gives us the opportunity to examine the past year in review.

It is an important record of a growing, successful learning community that I'm proud to be a part of.

Fred Sanderson