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For Immediate Release
Oct. 15, 2010

Ninety Percent of Cobb Schools Make AYP Following Summer Testing
Four More Schools Make Adequate Progress

Four additional Cobb County schools have made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) following summer testing, according to reports released by the Georgia Department of Education. The addition of Powder Springs Elementary, Acworth Intermediate, Riverside Intermediate and Tapp Middle schools means that 90 percent of Cobb schools (99 of 110) made AYP for 2010, up from 86 percent when the initial reports were released in July. Tapp Middle School made adequate progress for the second consecutive year, becoming the fourth Cobb school to be removed from ‘Needs Improvement’ status in 2010.

At the elementary level, 99 percent of schools (67 of 68) met standards for adequate progress. Eighty-eight (88) percent of Cobb middle schools (22 of 25) made AYP, with six schools having exited ‘Needs Improvement’ status since 2009. The performance of specific student subgroups, especially in Mathematics, has caused six of Cobb’s 16 high schools to fall short of AYP standards, including Campbell, Kell, McEachern, Osborne, Pebblebrook and South Cobb. Overall, just four of 110 Cobb schools remain in ‘Needs Improvement’ status.

The Georgia Department of Education provides updated AYP status and information for schools after CRCT retests (for elementary and middle) and summer graduates (for high school) are factored in.

Click here to view the updated AYP information

NOTE: The state Department of Education will show a different total for AYP schools in Cobb County because the state requires four schools not under Cobb County School District management to be included with CCSD’s AYP results. Two schools, the Devereux Center and the Imagine International Academy of Mableton, did not make AYP. Two other schools, Kennesaw Charter Science and Math Academy and Imagine International Academy of Smyrna, did make AYP. Also included in the state’s totals is Oakwood Open Campus High School, which did not make AYP and was restructured for the 2010-2011.