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CCSD Financial Services

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 Bradley Reuben Johnson, Chief Financial Officer

Bradley Reuben Johnson
Chief Financial Officer

Cathy Adams
Executive Secretary
P: 770-426-3310
F: 678-594-8565

The Mission of the Financial Services Division is handle the financial resources of the Cobb County School District in the highest legal, ethical, and professional standard practical and respond to our customers in a courteous, accurate, and timely manner.


Financial Services Senior Management Staff

Payroll Services
Lisa Carter Leach
Director of Payroll Services
Accounting Services
Jan Hendrix
Director of Accounting Services
Capital Project Accounting & Accounts Payable
Tom Marshall
Capital Projects/AP Director
Internal Compliance
Debbie Randazzo
Internal Compliance Director
Budget Services
Mandy Wissing
Budget Director

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Financial Services University (F.S.U.) is an Online Campus of financial procedures for the Cobb County School District. This university provides 24/7 financial procedure access to our customers (Principals, Administrators, Bookkeepers, Secretaries and other interested employees). The Financial Services Division is committed to great internal controls and financial procedures so that taxpayer funds are handled in the most professional, transparent and ethic manner possible.

Access to the University is available on the "Quick Links" section of this webpage



The Financial Services Division is committed to provide excellent customer service to our customers.

  1. Who are our customers?
    • Principals, Administrators, School Bookkeepers, School Secretaries, Cobb County Citizens
  2. Local School Call Center

    Customer Service Rep: Office Phone Email
    Nancy Breu 678-581-6755
    Sue Donahoo 770-426-3481
    Sindy Newcomer 770-426-3305
    Karen Pritchard 770-426-3307
  3. Central Office Department Call Center

    Customer Service Rep: Office Phone Email
    Lori Smith 770-426-3308
    Kerry O'Malley 770-426-3319
    Becky Beck 770-590-4552
  4. Payroll Call Center
  5. Financial Services Division Customer Service Financial Function Listing
  6. Principal's Onboard Checklist for New Bookkeepers
  7. New Principal's Onboard Checklist