Financial Services Division Customer Service Function Contacts

Customer Service Function Contact Name Telephone Email
A.  New Principal Financial Orientation
Student Activity Fund Accounting Rochelle Gross 770-426-3313
County Allotment Budgets Becky Beck 770-590-4552
B.  Grants
a. Grant Training (Two Sessions Annually) Suzanne Hatfield 770-420-4973
b. New Grant Application Request Cynthia Nichols 770-426-3450
c. Grant Budget Questions Kerry O'Malley 770-426-3319
d. Grant Accounting and Expenditure Questions Karen Meeks 770-590-4538
  Beth Atkinson 770-426-3328
C.  Local School Annual External Financial Audits
(One Scheduled School Audit Annually) Suzanne Hatfield 770-420-4973
D.  Payroll Time Entry Training
  Kim Coonfield 770-420-4938
E.  Payroll Charge Code Question
  David Baker 770-420-4949
  Kerry O'Malley 770-426-3319
F.  Financial Procedures/Training
(Reference the Financial Services University
on the Main School District Website)
Nancy Tolbert 770-590-4562
G.  Beginning of Year Financial Orientation Training
Principals Cathy Strudthoff 770-426-3313
Bookkeepers Rhonda Walker 770-590-4564
School Secretaries Kim Coonfield 770-420-4938
H.  Proposed New School Financial Projects
  Cathy Strudthoff 770-426-3376
I.  Procurement Card Procedures/Questions
  Peggy McClure Greenough 770-426-3517
J.  Field Trip & Supplemental Billing Financial
  Shelly Polston 770-429-5845
K.  Unclaimed Property
  Karen Meeks 770-590-4538
L.  Vendor Questions
A, V, EDCO, Misc. 9999x Karen Hall 770-590-4527
D, E, I, O, Q, T, W, Y, Z Ellen Cox 770-590-4579
C, G, H, P, AT&T, McGraw Hill, MPS (Macmillan Holdings), NCS, Utilities Pam Payne 770-590-4536
M, R, U, Toshiba Rhonda Harris 770-426-3318
B, F, J, K ,L, S, Dade Lynne Williams 770-590-4521
N, Lunchroom (back-up) Paul Campbell 770-426-3317
Lunchroom Orry Owens 770-590-4572
M.  Performance Contracts
A-H Rhonda Harris 770-426-3318
I-Z Karen Hall 770-590-4527
N.  SPLOST Finance Questions
  Debbie Stinchcomb 770-590-4954
O.  Charge Code Correction/GL Correction
  Mandy Mattison 770-420-4909
P.  Charter School Accounting Questions
  Steve Powell 678-581-6756
  Beth Atkinson
Q.  Central Office Receipt and Deposits
  Diana Cothran 770-514-3898
R.  Employee Payroll Questions
Monthly Payroll for Odd # Schools Xandria Johnson 770-426-3337
Monthly Payroll for Even # Schools Rhonda Elsberry 770-426-3506
Travel and Leave Posting Paige Hill 770-426-3338
Bi-weekly Payroll Diana Condon 770-426-3505
Bi-Weekly Payroll Representative and Garnishment Sonja Waters 770-426-3504
Direct Deposit, W-4 or G-4 Changes Susan Lyle 770-426-3503
S.  Property Control Procedures/Questions
  Tim Conner 678-590-4517
T.  ASP Program Financial Procedures/Questions
  Rochelle Gross 770-590-4515
U.  Local School Financial Procedures/Questions
  Cathy Strudthoff 770-426-3313

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