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 MyPaymentsPlus.com (formerly MealPayPlus)
On MyPaymentsPlus you can set up an account to prepay for your student(s) cafeteria meals.  If you do no want to make payments, you can still set up an account at no charge to view your student(s) cafeteria purchases.  To set up an account you will need to know your student(s) school ID number.  You can obtain this information from your student or call the school office.

MyPaymentsPlus app is now available in the Apple® App StoreTM!

Note:  This only works for putting money on a student's breakfast and lunch account. 

 The free MyPaymentsPlus app takes convenience to another level for parents by placing many features from the MyPaymentsPlus.com website into the palm of their hands. Simplicity and security are at the core of the MyPaymentsPlus app, allowing parents to login with their existing usernames and passwords, check account balances, review purchase history and make payments using a credit card, debit card, savings account, or checking account. Parents can even upload their student’s picture(s) for a personalized feel.

 The MyPaymentsPlus app utilizes the same security methods used by leading online and mobile banking services. To download, parents simply search “MyPaymentsPlus” in the Apple iTunes store. The MyPaymentsPlus app is currently available for the Apple® iPhoneTM and iPadTM and is being developed for Google’s Android operating system.