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2014 Golden Radish Award

10/07/14: Kelley Toon and Cynthia Downs accepting the 2014 Golden Radish Award for Cobb County Schools.Cobb County School District was recognized with the Golden Radish Award, a prestigious state-wide farm to school distinction which acknowledges the outstanding leadership of school representatives building comprehensive farm to school programs. Read more...


                                Commissioner Black announces ten schools selected to participate in the
                                                                 Georgia Grown Test Kitchen Initiative

Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black announced the ten schools selected to participate in the Department’s new  Georgia Grown Test Kitchen initiative. This year’s participants are Union County High School in Union County, Lincoln County Middle/High School in Lincoln County, Dacula High School in Gwinnett County, Alpharetta High School in Fulton County, McClure Middle School in Cobb County, Carrollton Junior High in Carroll County, Hutto Middle School in Decatur County, Hartwell Elementary in Hart County, Bleckley County Elementary in Bleckley County and East Jackson Elementary in Jackson County. This new program will promote local and healthy eating in schools across the state through supplying school nutrition directors with healthy recipes using Georgia Grown commodities. 

The Georgia Grown Test Kitchen, along with the Feed My School for a Week Program, will help bridge the gap in the nutritional value and quality of food served in Georgia schools, while providing more farm to cafeteria opportunities. The end result will be healthier Georgia students, decreased barriers in farm to school efforts and increased awareness as students learn and experience, both educationally and nutritionally, where their food comes from.

“Through programs such as the Georgia Grown Test Kitchen and Feed My School for a Week, we are influencing the buying habits of nutritional directors across the state,” said Commissioner Black. “We are showing the ease that comes with purchasing local products for school systems, while improving the nutritional value for students. We look forward to working with these schools this year to promote local and healthy eating in school systems throughout the state.”

The Georgia Department of Agriculture will supply the ten schools with recipes using Georgia Grown Commodities. These recipes will contain information on how to source the products used and nutritional information. In turn, the schools will provide feedback on the given recipes. The selected schools will also participate in other Georgia Grown activities throughout the year.


Cafeteria Manager at Brumby Elementary School named the CCSD
Outstanding Cafeteria Manager of the Year

This award is designed to recognize a Cafeteria Manager who has made a significant contribution to the CCSD FNS Department through exceptional job performance and service above and beyond the call of duty.                                                                                             
Betty began her school food service career at Garrett
Middle School  in 1988 as a cook.  For many years
she has been the cafeteria manager at Brumby Elementary School.  She has developed an excellent team to prepare meals for students.  She loves her job and the students.  She has a special interest in
cooking and recipe development but her first love is her students. She says it is important not only to give students a good nourishing meal but a positive experience as well.



The Cobb County School District Food and Nutrition Services (CCSD FNS)
department was awarded the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Food and Nutrition Services Best Practice Award for Farm to School Programs.

CCSD FNS was not only a Georgia Department of Education winner but also a
USDA Southeast Regional winner. The Southeast Region includes eight states
in the southeast. This distinguished regional award was given for Cobb’s
work utilizing local produce in schools and providing learning opportunities
for students related to healthful food, the farming industry and exposure to
food produced in a geographical region.

CCSD FNS served over 80,000 pounds of Georgia Grown produce in school
cafeterias during the 2012-2013 school year. In addition, From Farm to You posters
were developed to show students where their food comes from by using pictures
 illustrating the steps from seed to school. Videos were created to not only show the connection between cafeterias, classrooms and school gardens but to also easily
share information throughout the county. One video showed students picking
crabapples off the tree in their school garden; then, a chef cooked the crabapples
and CCSD registered dietitian spoke about the nutritional benefits. CCSD has
over 46 school gardens. FNS was able to support some of these gardens by
providing 9 schools with school garden equipment grants which include 7 rain barrels
and 6 composters. At the Learning Garden Workshop at Ford Elementary School,
CCSD FNS presented a lesson plan that was created for mobile kitchen carts,
which contain the supplies necessary to conduct cooking demonstrations in the
classroom. Twelve schools received the carts at the workshop as part of a
Captain Planet Foundation grant. FNS purchased a mobile kitchen cart and
completed numerous demonstrations in schools. During the 2012-2013 school year,
 FNS provided over 60 nutrition education opportunities. Cobb’s Farm to School
programs demonstrate the strong connection between cafeteria, classroom and