FNS Vending

With the goal of decreasing student wait time while maintaining a focus on healthful choices, Cobb County School District Food and Nutrition Services launched healthy vending machines at several schools.  These refrigerated units provide an assortment of healthy food options for students during the lunch period.  Students are able to use their school meal account to purchase a variety of garden-fresh salads and cool subs that are made on site daily.  Students can also purchase fresh fruit, such as apples and pears, 100 % fruit juice and low fat milk.  In addition, students can use the vending machine to add money to their lunch accounts.

Some choices for a vended school lunch include an entrée salad, fruit juice, fresh fruit and milk. 


Students ordering lunch selections from the cafeteria vending machine.


Students new to the cafeteria vending machines get help from Food & Nutrition Employees.