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Georgia Grown

About the Program:

Cobb County School District’s Food and Nutrition Department works with our produce vendor to bring Georgia grown fruits and vegetables to the students of Cobb County. Cobb schools highlight Georgia Grown and locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables in their cafeterias. The District serves fresh fruits and vegetables daily that are from farms in Georgia and the bordering states. While fresh fruits and vegetables are available each day in the cafeterias, the Food and Nutrition Department is excited about the opportunity to highlight Georgia and locally grown products and their nutritional benefits. The farm-to-school focus not only highlights the produce but also the farm of origin.

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2017-2018 School Year Georgia Grown / Local Grown Items:

March Georgia Grown / Local Grown Items:

Rainbow Carrots

March brings us some good luck and tons ‘o fun with the Rainbow Carrot Coins from "Hillside Gardens" in Reidsville, GA