Cobb Keys for Teacher and Leader Effectiveness

The Cobb Keys for Teacher and Leader Effectiveness is the evaluation system for teachers and administrators in the Cobb County School District.

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The 10 Teacher Performance Standards

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Student excellence starts with great teaching. Cobb teachers are among the best in the nation. Every day, our teachers bring research-based, best practices in education to all students. The Cobb Keys for Teacher and Leader Effectiveness celebrate great teaching.

The Keys reflect the high quality of rigor and relevance for which our teachers are known. The Keys are designed to highlight effective teaching -- more than evaluating teacher quality, they identify student success and achievement growth. The Keys help teachers develop their skills based on specific, individual needs.

In our district, Cobb County implemented the Teacher and Leader Keys Effectiveness System in 2014-15.

The Cobb County School District is the second largest school district in the state of Georgia. Nearly 400 highly effective school leaders are serving as principals and assistant principals at Cobb County Schools. Our school leaders are among the best in the nation, dedicating themselves daily to serving our students, teachers, families and community stakeholders. They know and understand what John Maxwell asserts that “everything rises and falls with leadership.” In fact, educational research reminds us that among all school factors impacting student achievement, the impact of school leadership is second only to teacher quality.

The Cobb Keys for Leader Effectiveness is grounded in quality performance standards and rubrics. The Keys provide clear articulation of common expectations and effective practice. Multiple sources of documentation and systemic, meaningful feedback are embedded into the effectiveness system. The Cobb Keys for Leadership Effectiveness empowers leaders to do what they do best; utilize their individual creativity and leader initiative to customize development and improvement.

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