Fingerprinting, Badges & Background Checks
Fingerprinting, Badges & Background Checks

Allison McMahon
HR Representative

Identification Badges

The following regulations shall be observed relative to employee identification badges:

  1. All employees will be issued an employee identification badge as required. The District will provide the initial badge. The employee will bear the cost of any replacement badge(s) unless replacement is due to normal wear and tear.
  2. Employees may not alter, conceal or place unauthorized items or ornaments/pins on their employee identification badge.
  3. All employees must wear the badge at all times when on District property. The badge must be worn so that it is easily visible.
  4. When an employee leaves employment, he/she must turn in his/her identification badge to his/her immediate supervisor or available administrator. The supervisor/administrator will forward the returned badge to the Fingerprint Specialist Office in Human Resources Division.
  5. Employees shall not allow another employee to use their badge to gain unauthorized access to any District facility.

Broken and/or lost badges can be replaced by completing the ID Badge Replacement Form. (Instructions listed on form)

Fingerprinting and Background Checks

All new employees must pass a criminal background check as required by Georgia state law [20-2-211, subsection (e)(1)]. State law requires employees to sign a consent form authorizing approval to conduct a criminal and/or driver’s history record at five-year intervals. All employees must have an acceptable fingerprint record on file during their employment with Cobb County School District.

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