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2016-2017 Payroll Schedule

2016-2017 Salary Schedules

2016-2017 Work Day Calendars

2016-2017 Supplement Info & Schedules



2016-2017 Payroll Schedule

2015-2016 Salary Schedules

2015-2016 Work Day Calendars

2015-2016 Supplement Info & Schedules



2014-2015 Salary Schedule Book

Overtime Compensatory Time Guidance
Priority School Longevity
Georgia Teacher Salary Schedule FY15
Salary Step Credit Schedule
Compensation Guides and Contracts
Position Analysis Questionnaire

2014-2015 Salary Schedules

After School Program
Assistant and Associate Principals
Campus Police Officers
Central Office Personnel
Classified Hourly Personnel
Clerical Personnel (50%)
Clerical Personnel (60%)
Clerical Personnel - Less Than Annual
Clerical - Technician Personnel
Consultants and Coordinators
Executive Secretaries
Food & Nutrition Services
Nurses Occupational & Physical Therapist
Paraprofessionals (50%)
Paraprofessionals (60%)
Prevention Intervention Specialist - Coordinator
Professional-Supervisory Support Personnel
School Assistant Administrators
School Social Workers and Psychologists
Special Certificate Teachers
Technology Services
Temporary Positions
Transportation Personnel

2014-2015 Work Schedules

180 Days Work Schedule
182 Days Work Schedule
183 Days Para & Nurse Work Schedule
183 Days Work Schedule
190 Days FS Mgr Work Schedule
190 Days Work Schedule
194 Days New Teacher Schedule
195 Days Work Schedule
196 Days Work Schedule
200 Days Work Schedule
210 Days Work Schedule
220 Days Work Schedule
240 Days Work Schedule
260 Days Work Schedule

2014-2015 Supplement Info & Schedules

Academic Supplements
Athletic Supplements - Asst. Coaches
Athletic Supplements - Head Coaches
Bi-Weely Payroll Schedule 2014-15
Monthly Payroll Schedule 2014-15
Music and JROTC Supplements