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  1. I lost my user ID and password, how do I get it back?
    If your e-mail address has changed, please contact us at 770-426-3342 to update your contact information. If necessary, please make sure you update your e-mail address on your application next time you log into the TalentEd system.
  2. What is the application/employment process?
    • Apply Online
    • All applications are reviewed to determine if the applicants meet the minimum requirements for the position(s) applied for.
    • References are completed electronically with supervisors supplied by the applicant.
    • When a vacancy occurs, the hiring administrator selects applicants from among the qualified persons and conducts interviews. Applicants are interviewed in the school/division where the vacancy exists. After the interviews, the administrator makes an employment recommendation to Human Resources. If selected, you will be contacted by a HR Supervisor/Manager.
  3. Will I be contacted for a job interview?
    First, your application is reviewed by a principal or supervisor. The principal/supervisor may or may not contact you for an interview. Due to the large volume of qualified applicants, not everyone will be interviewed.
  4. What is the status of my application?
    CLICK HERE, login to your account and click the APPLICATION STATUS tab for statuses. Also, when the status of your application changes, you will be notified via email.
  5. I submitted an application, but have not yet heard back. Whom should I contact?
    Unfortunately, due to the large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to respond personally to all applicants. Should your qualification match our staffing needs, we will contact you directly.
  6. How do I become certified to teach?
    The Georgia Professional Standards Commission is the licensing agency for the State of Georgia. To teach in a public school in Georgia, a certificate (license) is required. The Georgia Professional Standard Commission’s website is Please access the website to acquire detailed information regarding certification requirements. Check Rules and Regulation under the certification drop down menu. Cobb County accepts applications from candidates who hold or are eligible (completed all requirements, passed all tests by date of employment) for a professional, renewable certificate in Georgia or another state.
  7. What are the GA TAPP Programs
    Both the Georgia Teacher Alternative Preparation Program and the One Year Supervised Practicum Programs are “alternative” routes to certification. Go to for specific details on each of those programs. Cobb County only accepts applications from GA TAPP candidates in the areas of math, science, foreign language and special education. Those candidates must have been accepted into the program and must have completed the “Essentials of Effective Teaching” course.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The application window for GA TAPP through MRESA is usually the month of February. Please check the MRESA website for more information.
  8. Do you hire people holding non-renewable (provisional) certificates?
    Beginning Fall 2006-07, Cobb County will accept applications from candidates who hold or are eligible for a non-renewable (provisional) certificate only in the areas of special education, math and science, foreign language and in other areas ONLY on an as needed basis. To be considered for possible vacancies, Special Education candidates must submit their passing GACE I scores or documentation verifying exemption AND present a letter of acceptance from a PSC approved College or University verifying acceptance into a special education program. Math and science candidates must submit their passing GACE I scores or documentation verifying exemption AND have achieved a passing score on the GACE content test in the area for which they are seeking employment.
  9. How can I confirm my current supervisor has completed and returned the electronic reference form?
    CLICK HERE, login to your account and click the REFERENCES tab for statuses. The "Returned" column will be blank when not yet completed and "YES" when the reference has been returned/completed.

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