Leadership Development
Leadership Development

About Leadership Development

Leadership Development is designed to support a purposeful, systemic district plan for maintaining a highly effective pipeline of leadership succession. Leadership Development within the Cobb County School District represents the collaborative efforts of Human Resources, Leadership and Learning and other contributing departments. The cornerstones are the Academy model, impacting the development of aspiring leaders since 1998, and the Induction model, supporting leaders during their first year in a new position.

Aspiring Leader Academy

The purpose of this Academy is to identify, recruit, select and equip teacher leaders from a variety of levels and specializations with the broad knowledge, skills and experiences that prepare them for potential positions in school and district leadership.

The curriculum is grounded in the standards of the Georgia Leader Keys Performance Appraisal system. Participants are provided authentic experiences addressing featured standards, individual coaching, and a focus on work that supports effective performance in a school or district leadership position. Academy members establish individual growth goals and engage in action planning based on those goals.

For more information, contact Keeli Bowen at Keeli.Bowen@cobbk12.org

New Assistant Principal Induction

The purpose of this program is to support district personnel serving in their first year as an assistant principal. The program features group meetings with relevant topics, scenario-based learning, a focus on effective leadership research and practices, and ongoing electronic collaboration.

New Principal Induction

The purpose of this induction program is to support new principals in their first year. The program features the assignment of an experienced mentor, individual coaching, group meetings focused on pertinent/timely learning, professional development regarding the practices of highly effective principals, the opportunity to expand knowledge through conference attendance, and the national experts scheduled through Georgia State‘s Principals Center.

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