Leadership Management & Evaluation Systems
Leadership Management & Evaluation Systems

Keeli Bowen

Lee Ann Morson
Leadership Management Specialist
P: 770-426-3463

Dr. Lisa O. Williams
Performance Management Coordinator

Christy Black
Performance Management Representative

Brad Adams
Evaluation Systems Technician

Leadership Management

Mission Statement

Leadership Management aims to match the available talent (current Cobb employees and out-of-district applicants) to the needs of the District. It further assists the District in meeting the strategic and operational challenges facing it by having the right people in the right places at the right times to do the right things.


The vision of Leadership Management is to create a deliberate and systematic effort by the Cobb County School District to ensure leadership continuity in key positions, and encourage individual advancement.


  • To provide a sufficiently large and diverse number of highly qualified candidates to fill local school and central office administrative openings.
  • Assist principals and central office administrators in their selection process.
  • Assist applicants, both internal and external, in completing leadership applications and understanding the system’s leadership selection process.
  • Provide career counseling and guidance through informal office visits, as needed.
  • To help individuals realize their career objectives in administration.
  • Forecast replacement needs as a means of targeting necessary training, employee education, and employee development.
  • To provide excellent customer service to the Cobb County School District’s internal and external leadership applicants.

Cobb County School’s Core Competencies

Cobb County’s Human Resource Division, in conjunction with school and district leadership, has developed a set of core competencies that, when demonstrated, enhance the probability of a Principal’s success.

This set of standards serves as a consistent thread that runs through our interview, selection and leadership development processes.   They allow for us to clearly articulate that which makes a successful Cobb County Principal.

Core Competencies

  1. Establishes a strategic direction and clear vision for instruction
  2. Shapes organizational culture and climate through meaningful relationships with stakeholders
  3. Ensures students’ physical, social and emotional safety
  4. Leads and supports change and innovation
  5. Manages the budget and resources through a clear and collaborative process
  6. Builds Cobb’s talent through effective hiring, management and retention of employees
  7. Develops self and others through Cobb’s culture of PLCs
  8. Communicates effectively with all stakeholders

Comparison of Leadership Standards

Customer Base

  • Prospective Administrators
  • Local School Administrators
  • Central Office Administrators (Assistant Director level and above)

Evaluation Systems

The Evaluation Department develops, facilitates, and monitors all evaluations for classified and certified employees. It manages the training process, ensuring administrators are trained and credentialed on the evaluation systems for the District prior to the beginning of each school year. The team reviews evaluations for compliance and accuracy to ensure consistent credibility and validity of evaluations. The team advises and consults with school and District Leadership including the Accountability and Research Department; the Leadership Office; and Technology Services, providing support with regard to all aspects of the TKES and LKES evaluation process.

Cobb Keys for Teacher and Leader Effectiveness

Evaluation Resources for TKES & LKES

Cobb Keys Performance Evaluation Resources

All of the forms and documents needed for CCSD Performance Evaluations.

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