Leadership Development
Leadership Development

For your application to be considered,
ALL information must be received prior to the deadline:
Friday, March 30, 2018

Thank you for your interest in the Cobb County School District Leadership Academy. If you have not read the Leadership Academy Web page, please go there first to insure you meet all the qualifications for the academy.

Please read the entire application FIRST and make sure you have ALL the information you need in order to complete the form in one session. There is no way to save and return later without losing your work!

Check One

Aspiring Leaders Academy (Must have 3 years educational experience)

Aspiring Principals Academy (must have 3 years administrative experience)

NOTE: Human Resources reserves the right to place applicant in the most appropriate leadership academy category.

General Information

Employee ID:  

Last Name:  

First Name:

Middle Name:


City:     State:      Zip: 

Home/Cell Phone:     Work Phone: 

School Email:

Your Present School:

Your Present Department:

Your Present Position:

Total Number of Years Certified Experience:

Total Number of Years in School Administration:

Total Number of Years in Cobb County School District:

Certification Information

Do you currently hold a Master's Degree?  Yes  No

If "Yes", what area?

Enter your Georgia Professional Standards Commission Certificate ID # and include all certifications you currently hold – Ex: SRT5, SRL6:

Have you successfully passed the GACE Educational Leadership Content Test or Georgia Ethics for Educational Leadership – Program Entry (370) Assessment? Yes No


Recommendation forms should be given to your present principal at the school where you are currently working. If you have worked with your current principal fewer than two (2) years, you may ask your previous principal to submit an additional recommendation. The principal should return the recommendation form to HR-Leadership Management & Development, via school mail or through regular mail at 514 Glover Street, Marietta, Georgia 30060. When you have completed this online application, you will be able to download the recommendation form to give to your principal(s).

Principal's Name:

Principal's Location:

Principal's Phone:

Professional Experience

Briefly describe the leadership roles(s) you have held in your school:

Briefly explain why you are a strong candidate for the Cobb County School District Leadership Academy and how you would apply the information and lessons learned through the academy courses to your current and future positions.

Applicant's Authorization


I understand that all application materials, recommendation and other data being submitted are the property of the Cobb County School District and cannot be returned. I authorize full investigation of the information given in this application and consent to the representatives of the Cobb County School District contacting my references and previous employers. All information received is considered confidential.

Should I be accepted to the Leadership Academy, I understand that attendance is mandatory and academy requirements must be satisfactorily completed. In addition, the performance assessment for the academy will be shared with the Leadership and Learning Division.

It is the policy of the Cobb County Board of Education not to discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin or disability in its educational programs, activities, or employment practices.

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