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2016-17 CCSD Teachers of the Year

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 Teachers of the Year for Individual Cobb Schools

Selected from among their peers, Cobb Schools' Teachers of the Year are among the best and most celebrated educators in our district. Highlighted for their expert use of instructional and academic strategies, the list of TOTYs represents Cobb's most distinguished and well-respected professionals. They are known as teacher leaders, tireless champions of their students and mentors and coaches of their fellow educators and staff. Congratulations to this year's Teachers of the Year!

Acworth McRorie, Kyla 4th Grade
Addison Barkley, Lindsey 5th Grade
Allatoona Dean, Craig Social Studies
Argyle Burton, Roslyn 1st Grade
Austell O'Brien, Noel iMation Tech Lab
Awtrey Middle Emmett, Kelly Science 6th Grade
Baker Reece, Earla 3rd Grade
Barber Middle Zifer, Jennifer Physical Science
Bells Ferry Stuckey, Lauren 3rd Grade
Belmont Hills Petitpre-Harris, Martha IRR
Big Shanty Robichaux, Lindsay 3rd Grade
Birney Deepnarain, Vanita ESOL
Blackwell Bone, Pamela MOID K-2nd Grade
Brumby Lake, Sandra Technology Coach
Bryant Keen, Faye Academic Coach
Bullard Elementary Ivey, Blair 3rd Grade
Campbell High Kimball, Joshua S. CTAE Law & Justice
Campbell Middle Childress, Amanda Social Studies/Gifted 8th Grade
Chalker Duncan, Deborah 1st Grade
Cheatham Hill Gonzalez, Rocio Special Ed
Clarkdale Elementary Morris, Beth Art
Clay Kenathingal-Vapati, Sujatha MID
Compton O'Connell, Megan Kindergarten
Cooper Middle Francis, Japonika Science 7th Grade
Daniell Middle Montgomery, Jeff Physical Education
Davis Darrow, Lisa IRR
Dickerson Middle Sheridan, Christy SPED 8th Grade
Dodgen Middle Kane, Barb ELA 7th Grade
Dowell O'Connor, Derron EBD
Due West Duff, Justin Music
Durham Middle Willis, Michele Study Skills
East Cobb Middle Boykin, Lynn Math 8th
East Side Morrison, Patricia Kindergarten
Eastvalley Henderson, Terri Kindergarten
Fair Oaks Dunlap, Elizabeth ALP
Floyd Middle Harbert, Daniel Physical Science 8th Grade
Ford Hurley, Craig Music
Frey Lassiter, Amanda 1st Grade
Garrett Middle Hobbs, Monica Language Arts
Garrison Mill Clark, Jill 1st Grade
Green Acres Elementary Hoyt, Marian 4th Grade
Griffin Middle Rabun, Sarah Chorus
Harmony Leland Ramirez, Tiffany 1st Grade
Harrison Allard, Paullette Science
HAVEN Venzke, Kendra EBD Elementary
Hayes Corris, Lindsay Academic Coach
Hendricks Heiberger, Renee' EIP
Hightower Trail Middle Gray, Lauren Language Arts 7th Grade
Hillgrove Teters, Michael Physics
Hollydale Brown, Samantha ESOL
Keheley Williams, Kelley ALP
Kell Herron, Spencer Broadcast Video
Kemp Bussell, Monique 5th Grade
Kennesaw Dunn, Michele 2nd Grade
Kennesaw Mountain Lanford, Nan Media Center Specialist
Kincaid Tenisci, Amy IRR 1st Grade
King Springs Calvin-Thomas, Patricia 5th Grade
LaBelle Taveras, Bruni ESOL
Lassiter Helms, Waynette Science
Lewis Linpinsel, Kathy Kindergarten
Lindley 6th Grade Academy Brown, Quanda Math
Lindley Middle Roberts, Michelle W. Career Connections
Lost Mountain Middle Murray, Chris MOID Teacher
Lovinggood Middle Puckett, Deanna Reading
Mableton Davis, Alana 5th Grade
Mabry Middle Wann, Robin Special Ed 7th Grade
McCall Primary Stagich, Kelli Academic Coach
McCleskey Middle Stoney, Valerie Band
McClure Middle Limpert, Ryan Science 6th Grade
McEachern Langley, Heather ESOL
Milford Elementary Johns, Linda Media Center Specialist
Mount Bethel Saour, Ann Special Ed 3rd Grade
Mountain View Merritt, Emily Special Ed Pre-School
Murdock Sinquefield, Charlene IRR
Nicholson Boyd, Jessica 3rd Grade
Nickajack Wood, Cynthia 2nd Grade
North Cobb Kovel, Lindsay English
Norton Park Sanchez, Laurylyn Media Center Specialist
Osborne Farmer, Claire Special Ed Transition Academy
Palmer Middle Brand, Jacquie Mericka Physical Science 8th Grade
Pebblebrook Phinizy, Marvin Social Studies
Pickett's Mill Gurski, Allison 5th Grade
Pine Mountain Middle Yesner, Debra Reading/S.S. 7th Grade
Pitner Caracelo, Stephanie 4th Grade
Pope Robinson, Christine Math
Powder Springs Brown, Veronica 2nd Grade
Powers Ferry Wilcox, Helen Kindergarten
Riverside Intermediate Richerzhagen, Wanda 3rd Grade
Riverside Primary Jackson, Virginie Literacy
Rocky Mount Chaney, Melinda 3rd Grade
Russell Pair, Kim Special Ed Pre-School
Sanders Steve, Chanda ALP
Sedalia Park Merchant, Cecily Kindergarten
Shallowford Falls Davies, Candice 1st Grade
Simpson Middle Peters, Kathy Math
Smitha Middle White, Yvonne AC Life Science 7th Grade
Smyrna Henning, Amber Reading 1st Grade
Sope Creek Svagdis, Michelle 3rd Grade
South Cobb Carr, Shawn Social Studies
Sprayberry Beemon, Natasha Social Studies
Still Balkema, Abby Physical Education
Tapp Middle Cole, Erin Band
Teasley Brooks, Kaylene Art
Timber Ridge Brantley, Alyssa 2nd Grade
Tritt Dean, Alexa Innovation
Varner Elementary Renna, Erin Media Center Specialist
Vaughan Gospodareck, Nancy 1st Grade
Walton Petka, Kathleen Visual Arts
Wheeler Kraj, Patsy ESOL

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