Employment Verification
Employment Verification

Pat Bowen
Employment Verification Clerk

Verification of Current or Former Employment can be submitted by the following methods:

  1. Verification forms provided by a third party may be submitted via e-mail to verifications@cobbk12.org. 

  2.  In the absence of a form provided by the agency requesting the information, the following form can be completed to request employment verification: CCSD Release of Verification of Employment and/or Salary Information Form

    • Note: Forms without your personal information (i.e. name, SSN, signature, etc.) will not be completed.

  3. For verbal confirmation of employment, please call 770-590-4500. No salary figures are given out over the phone. A written request, with signature release, is required for salary verification.

Requests will be returned to the requestor within 5 business days.

Due to the high number of employment verification requests during the summer hiring season, requests will take longer than usual to process.

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