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Motivate learning with mobile devices!

Contact your CCSD Technology Training/Integration Specialist for CCSD Board Policy Documentation

Note: The online consent required for student use of the internet (including sites such as Edmodo, Showbie, Educreations and Learn Zillion), is now contained in the district’s Family Information Guide. This consent no longer requires a parent’s signature but the parent may opt out of permission.

Security Certificates for the CCSDwireless Network

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Personal devices within the Cobb County School System will access the CCSDwireless Network. Click the video below to learn more about the CCSDwireless network and how to connect your device.

Select the category of your device's operating system below for directions on how to install the security certificate on your personal device. 

Click on the image for your device.

Apple iOS MacBooks Android
iOsDevice MAClogo Android Device
Kindle Chrome Books Windows
Kindle ChromeBook


Guest Access to CCSDwireless Network

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Guests within your buildings may access the CCSDGuests wifi.

Professional Learning Communities

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