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Operational Support

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 John Adams, Deputy Superintendent of HR & Operations

John Adams
Deputy Superintendent of HR & Operations

Kelly Marshall
Executive Secretary
P: 770-426-3473
F: 770-426-3405

Welcome to Operational Support

The task of operating an organization the size of Cobb County’s school system – with 112,000 students, 15,000 employees and 114 schools – can sometimes be daunting. While the Superintendent is tasked with running the school system, our job is to make sure that it runs! Student achievement is our number one goal and we attempt to provide an optimum setting for learning to take place daily.

Each day we strive to provide the support to our principals, teachers, students and parents required to ensure the school system operates problem free. We welcome the opportunity to address school and district needs as they may arise. Our department directors are highly skilled and prepared to assist in any way with questions or concerns pertaining to their areas of responsibility. Please call on us as needed.

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Operational Support Staff

James Carlson
Executive Director
Maintenance & Operations
Rick Grisham
Executive Director
Nick Parker
Senior Executive Director
Ron Storey
CCSD Police Department
Jill Vestal
Senior Executive Director
Business Services