What is PICASSO?

PICASSO is an online portal serving parents, students, and staff.

  • Parents and students may review learning standards and objectives by content and by grade level or course. Links to parent resources for helping at home as well as general information for curriculum and instruction are posted and shared through this online portal.
  • PICASSO provides staff with valuable resources for planning and delivering effective performance-based instruction. Staff may review learning standards and objectives , pacing guides (course outlines), unit and lesson outlines, assessments, and supporting instructional resources. Staff may also access online templates for creating lessons and collaborative units.

Teacher Benefits

  • Forecasts the year, course, and instructional units written by Cobb teachers for Cobb students
  • Guides planning, instruction, and assessment
  • Provides models for planning with the end in mind (backward planning) and best practice
  • Provides resources and tools for identifying and meeting student needs
  • Provides samples, supporting resources, and tools to enhance instruction
  • Access to online templates for creating lessons and collaborative units

Student Benefits

  • Delivers a guaranteed curriculum that is clearly defined and conveys high expectations for learning
  • Provides consistency in classrooms across the district with models and resources to support instruction
  • Communicates standards and learning objectives to students
  • Allows parents to play a vital role in supporting their children

Administration Benefits

  • Confirms instructional alignment to standards and the intended curriculum
  • Develops consistent practice
  • Provides samples and tools for data analysis
  • Clarifies the district’s current initiatives
  • Provides resources for school-based initiatives
  • Provides administrative resources – forms, letters, handbooks, and updates