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Social Studies: Grade 3 Version: CPS08-09

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Unit Name: 01 - Roots of Our Democracy

Essential Question

What role has Ancient Greece had in shaping how the United States is today?

Enduring Understanding

  • Modern democracy has its roots in ancient Athens.
  • A republican form of government is based on the principle of separation of powers.
  • Many U.S. Government buildings have been influenced by Greek architecture. (Parthenon, U.S. Supreme Court Building)
  • Today's Olympic Games started in Ancient Greece.
  • Maps and globes can be used to locate places in our country and on Earth.
  • Topic 1

    Democracy Begins

  • Democracy is government by the people
  • Many of our ideas about democracy came from ancient Athens, Greece.
  • We can locate Athens, Greece on a world map.
  • Topic 1 Vocabulary

    • Democracy
    • ancient

    Topic 1 Standards and Elements


    Topic 2

    Roots of our Law & Government

  • Athens has a direct democracy, while the U.S. has a representative democracy
  • Our government balances power among three branches (legislative, judicial, and executive)
  • Our government also divides power across three levels (national, state, and local)
  • Topic 2 Vocabulary

    • direct democracy
    • representative democracy

    Topic 2 Standards and Elements


    Topic 3

    Athens Influences Our Architecture

  • The Greeks used certain styles to build their buildings
  • Some of our government buildings are build in the Greek styles of architecture
  • We borrowed some ideas about law and government and architecture from ancient Athens, Greece.
  • Topic 3 Vocabulary

    • Ionic columns
    • Doric columns
    • Corinthian columns

    Topic 3 Standards and Elements


    Topic 4

    The Olympics

  • The Olympics began in ancient Athens
  • The ancient Olympics are similar to and different from the modern Olympics
  • The Olympics are another Greek idea our country has adopted
  • Topic 4 Vocabulary

    • amateur
    • competition
    • athletic events

    Topic 4 Standards and Elements


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