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Social Studies: Grade K Version: CPS08-09

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Unit Name: 01 - Where We Live

Essential Question

Where do I live? How do I get along with others?

Enduring Understanding

  • What are maps and globes?
  • What is the difference between land and water on a map and globe?
  • What are the cardinal directions?
  • Why do objects appear smaller from above?
  • What is my address and where do I live?
  • Why are rules important and why should I follow them?
  • Topic 1

    The Pledge of Allegiance, U.S. Flag, and Georgia Flag

  • Explain the meanings of these three symbols of the U.S.
  • Topic 1 Vocabulary

    • United States
    • Georgia
    • pledge
    • allegiance
    • Pledge of Allegiance
    • flag
    • nation
    • state
    • symbol

    Topic 1 Standards and Elements


    Topic 2

    Maps and Globes

  • Explain the difference between a map and a globe.
  • Differentiate betweeen land and water on maps and globes.
  • Explain why objects appear smaller from above.
  • Topic 2 Vocabulary

    • map
    • above
    • globe
    • below
    • land
    • space
    • water
    • Earth
    • geography
    • view

    Topic 2 Standards and Elements

    SSKG2: Map and globe

    Topic 3

    Cardinal Directions

  • Name the four cardinal directions.
  • Use cardinal directions to find locations inside the classroom.
  • Topic 3 Vocabulary

    • directions
    • north
    • south
    • east
    • west
    • compass

    Topic 3 Standards and Elements

    SSKMG1: Map and globe skills

    Topic 4

    My World

  • Name the city, state, country, nation, and continent where you live.
  • State your address.
  • Topic 4 Vocabulary

    • state
    • city
    • country
    • nation
    • continent
    • address

    Topic 4 Standards and Elements

    SSKG3: Knowledge of location

    Topic 5

    Why Rules?

  • Explain how rules are made.
  • Determine why we follow rules.
  • Conclude what makes a good citizen.
  • Topic 5 Vocabulary

    • rules
    • laws
    • consequences
    • citizen
    • government

    Topic 5 Standards and Elements

    SSKCG1: Understanding good citizenship

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