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The Bible Version: 07-08

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Unit Name: 01 - Course Introduction to the Bible as Literature

Essential Question

What are the attitudes, behaviors, and background information that students will need in order to bring together students from assorted religious backgrounds for a non-theological discussion of the Bible as literature?How did the subject matter of the Bible evolve into both the canon of literature included in the original work and in the multiple translations and versions of works called the Bible?

Topic 1

  • The Benefits of Exploring the Bible Through a Comprehensive Study of Its Components as Literature
  • The Balance of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos in the Development of an Analysis of the Bible as Literature
  • The Importance of Understanding Fallacious Reasoning and the Techniques for Using an Awareness of Fallacious Reasoning to Respond to the Comment of Another Participant in the Discussion
  • The Role of Diction-Denotation, Connotation, Alliteration-in the Interpretation of the Bible as Literature
  • The Development of an Awareness of the Importance of Cultural Literacy for the Bible as Literature for Allusions Found in All Avenues of Life
  • A Study of the Early Oral Tradition for the Transference of Biblical Passages
  • Topic 1 Standards and Elements


    Unit Vocabulary

    • alliteration
    • connotation
    • cultural literacy
    • denotation
    • diction
    • ethos
    • fallacies
    • ad hominem
    • appeal to authority
    • appeal to emotion
    • appeal to fear
    • bandwagon
    • begging the question
    • hasty generalization
    • black white
    • middle ground
    • red herring
    • straw man
    • two wrongs make a right
    • logos
    • oral tradition
    • pathos

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