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Modern Languages Level VIII Version: GPS 08-09

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Unit Name: SP VIII 01 The Spanish Language & Literature

Essential Question

What can literature teach us? How is the Spanish language important in our community, and in our state? What selections in Spanish literature have you read? What aspects of Spanish literature have you enjoyed the most? How can literature help us succeed in the labor force?

Enduring Understanding

Students will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Spanish literature and the importance it has had in various aspects of their daily life, in their community and in the world. 

Topic 1

Topic #1 - "La literatura": talk about literary genres; meet some hispanic authors; learn about some of the movements in Spanish lilterature; talk about the impact of technology in literature

Topic 1 Vocabulary

  • Verbs to discuss genres of literature
  • Verbs with prepositions
  • Nouns to talk about literature and authors
  • Adjectives to describe types of literature, authors
  • Adverbs
  • Useful expressions
  • Idiomatic expressions
  • Names of authors
  • Titles of Literary selections

Topic 1 Standards and Elements


Topic 2

Topic #2 - The Spanish Language: Talk about poetry; identify editorials; understand the importance of speaking and writing correctly; understand the Spanish language; understand how we learn

Topic 2 Vocabulary

  • Verbs, verbs with prepositions
  • nouns, adjectives
  • useful expressions
  • idiomatic expressions
  • expressing agreement and disagreement

Topic 2 Standards and Elements


Topic 3

Topic #3 - The Art of Writing: organizing a composition; how to include details in your composition; where to include the events in your composition; where to include your opinion in your composition; how to correct your composition; how to peer edit

Topic 3 Standards and Elements


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Edit Unit Resources and Information

Unit Resources include general, global resources that might include bookmarks, books, periodicals, media and software. URLs need to be provided for each resource to identify a source from which it can be obtained. Resources might include those purchased as part of an adoption. More specific resources will be referenced within the teaching procedures.

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Enter critical vocabulary generally related to the Unit, but not part of a Topic. Each keyword must be either entered as a list (unordered list or ordered list button) or separated by a semicolon (;).

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