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Latin II Version: 08-09

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Unit Name: LT II 01 - City of Rome and Latin I Review

Essential Question

Can I read and communicate at a Latin I level? How have characters, events and cultures from pre-Caesarean Rome influenced modern culture and society? How did a Roman family live?

Topic 1

Foundational grammatical concepts from Latin I

  • vocabulary
  • 6 indicative verbs tenses
  • imperative mood
  • all cases and declensions of nouns
  • Topic 1 Vocabulary

      conjugation, tense, person, number, imperative, indicative, declension, case (nominative, genitive, etc.) case function (subject, object, etc.)

    Topic 1 Standards and Elements


    Topic 2

    The City of Rome

  • geography
  • buildings and structures
  • regions, i.e. Campus Martius, Subura, etc.
  • Topic 2 Vocabulary

      Names of geographical features (Tiber River, Capitoline Hill, etc.),buildings and structures (Forum Romanum, Pantheon, Via Sacra, Curia, Circus Maximus, Cloaca Maxima, etc.),regions (Campus Martius, Subura etc.)

    Topic 2 Standards and Elements


    Topic 3

    History: Aeneas to the Republic

    Fall of Troy; Flight of Aeneas; Dido; Alba Longa, Romulus and Remus; Kings of Rome; Origins of the Republic; Enemies and Heroes of Early Rome; Legal and Administrative Structures

    Topic 3 Vocabulary

    • monarchy
    • republic
    • empire
    • consul
    • patrician
    • plebeian
    • equestrian
    • patron
    • client

    Topic 3 Standards and Elements


    Topic 4


    Topic 4 Standards and Elements

    Topic 5


    Topic 5 Standards and Elements

    Topic 6


    Topic 6 Standards and Elements

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