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Multicultural Literature Version: 05-06

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Unit Name: 01 - Introduction‚€”Multicultural Literature

Essential Question

How can learning about my cultural heritage challenge my accepted beliefs? Does the study of other cultures really matter to me? How will this course change my self-awareness? Are my prejudices about other cultures something that can change?

Topic 1

  Literary Elements

Knowledge of literary elements including:

      (a) point of view

      (b) theme

      (c) style/word choice

      (d )symbolism

      (e )imagery

Topic 1 Standards and Elements

ELAWLRC1 25 Books
ELAWLRC2 Curricular Learning
ELAWLRL1 Demonstrates Comprehension/Fiction
ELAWLRL5 Vocabulary

Topic 2

Literature Interpretations

Knowledge of literary themes including:

      (a) universal theme

      (b) multiple themes

      (c) cross-cultural themes

Topic 2 Standards and Elements

ELAWLRL1 Demonstrates Comprehension/Fiction
ELAWLRL2 Knowledge of Theme
ELAWLRL5 Vocabulary

Topic 3

Cultural Connections

Relate literary works to societal/cultural connections including:

      (a) stereotypes

      (b) diversity

      (c) cultural heritage

      (d) discrimination

      (e) prejudice

      (f) belief systems

      (g) gender

Topic 3 Standards and Elements

ELAWLRC3 Vocabulary
ELAWLRL3 Contemporary Context or Historical Background
ELAWLRL4 Writing Genres
ELAWLRL5 Vocabulary

Topic 4


Employ a variety of genres

Demonstrate understanding of manuscript form

Use research and technology

Produce timed and process writing 

Topic 4 Standards and Elements

ELAWLRC4 Context for Information

Unit Vocabulary

  • imagery
  • point of view
  • symbolism
  • plot events
  • theme
  • commonalities and differences
  • evidence
  • genre
  • interpret
  • compare and contrast
  • universal view
  • universal themes
  • analyze
  • gender
  • discrimination
  • acculturation
  • stereotype
  • cross-cultural
  • ethnicity
  • prejudice
  • culture
  • race
  • heritage
  • xenophobia
  • manuscript form
  • timed and process writing

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