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Science: Grade 7 Adv Content Version: 09-10

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Unit Name: 01 - Ecological Interdependence

Essential Question

  • How are organisms interdependent?
  • If the unit on ecology is a story, what would the moral of the story be?
  • Which is more important, preserving land biomes or preserving water biomes? Explain.

    Enduring Understanding

  • The study of ecology is global.
  • Each organism is part of the "circle of life".
  • Nature is cyclical; change is inevitable.
  • Topic 1

    TOPIC 1: Analyze and Assess Environmental Conditions

    € Predict and demonstrate how changes in environmental conditions due to human impact and natural cycles can affect the survival of both individuals and the entire species.

    € Evaluate human impact and natural occurrences on environmental conditions.

    Topic 1 Vocabulary

    • Fundamental Terms:ecology
    • habitat
    • interdependence
    • competition
    • ecosystem
    • biotic
    • biotic
    • community
    • population
    • species
    • environment
    • succession
    • adaptation
    • stress
    • cycle

    Topic 1 Standards and Elements


    Topic 2

    TOPIC 2: Compare and Contrast Biomes and Communities

    € Compare and contrast the characteristics of earth's major terrestrial and aquatic biomes.

    € Analyze how the world's major biomes influence interactions among organisms within the biomes.

    Topic 2 Vocabulary

    • Fundamental Terms:
    • biosphere
    • biome
    • community terrestrial
    • aquatic
    • temperature
    • precipitation
    • rainforest
    • savannah
    • temperate deciduous forest
    • desert
    • taiga (coniferous forest, boreal forest)
    • tundra
    • freshwater
    • estuaries
    • marine

    Topic 2 Standards and Elements


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