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Science: Gr 6 Adv Content Version: 09-10

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Unit Name: 01 - Geosphere

Essential Question

  • How are earth materials important to our society?
  • How can rocks be classified according to the processes that formed them?
  • How does the formation of a rock affect its physical properties and chemical composition?
  • What rocks and minerals can be found at the surface of each Georgia physiographic province?
  • How can a mineral identification checklist be used to identify minerals?
  • How can one class of rocks transform into another?

    Enduring Understanding

    €  Students will recognize the value of earth materials.

    €  Students will inductively classify earth materials by formation

    €  Students will identify the pattern of earth materials across Georgia.

    €  Students will understand that all things change as they go through cycles which are essential and important to life (i.e. rock cycles).

  • Topic 1

    TOPIC 1: Earth materials

    Explore the economic and intrinsic value of various earth materials.

    Topic 1 Vocabulary

    • rock
    • mineral
    • ore
    • natural resources
    • gems

    Topic 1 Standards and Elements


    Topic 2

    TOPIC 2: Minerals

    € Compare/contrast rocks & minerals

    € Analyze mineral properties

    € Identify unknown minerals

    Topic 2 Vocabulary

    • hardness
    • luster
    • streak
    • cleavage
    • fracture
    • crystal system
    • silicate
    • carbonate
    • oxide
    • sulfide
    • sulfate
    • halide

    Topic 2 Standards and Elements


    Topic 3

    TOPIC 3: Rock classification

    € Research and describe the physical properties and chemical composition of rocks resulting from their formation.

    € Examine a collection of Georgia rocks and create a classification based on rock formation.

    € Create a Georgia physiographic map with rock collection samples placed by province

    Topic 3 Vocabulary

    • metamorphic
    • sedimentary
    • igneous
    • foliated
    • non-foliated
    • clastic
    • chemical
    • organic
    • intrusive
    • extrusive
    • felsic
    • intermediate
    • mafic
    • coarse-grained
    • fine-grained
    • porphorytic
    • lithfication

    Topic 3 Standards and Elements


    Topic 4

    Topic 4: Rock cycle

    € Research, create, and design a table that demonstrates the processes that change rocks and the surface of the earth.

    € Identify the transformations and major reservoirs that make up the rock cycle.

    Topic 4 Vocabulary

    • rock cycle
    • pressure
    • sediment
    • weather
    • erosion
    • deposition

    Topic 4 Standards and Elements


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