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Cobb County School District
Social Studies (Updated March 2004)
Social Studies - Sociology
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Culture and Society | Development of Society | Influences on behavior | Introduction | Social Structure and Institutions


The learner will be able to describe the unique nature of sociology as a discipline and the methods it uses to study human-social behavior.

SS.SOC.2.1 Importance of sociology
The learner will be able to examine the importance of sociology as a Social Science.
Bloom's Scope Hours Source
Analysis Develop 1.0 GA: Quality Core Curriculum, 2000, Sociology, #1
SS.SOC.2.2 Sociological methodology
The learner will be able to describe the methods sociologists use to study human group behavior: empirical research, scientific method, causation and correlation, survey methods, statistical analysis, and ethics in social research.
Bloom's Scope Hours Source
Comprehension Develop 2.0 Cobb County Schools)

SS.SOC.2.3 Tools/techniques
The learner will be able to use the tools and techniques to research sociological issues.
Bloom's Scope Hours Source
Application Introduce 1.0 GA: Quality Core Curriculum, 2000, Sociology, #7
SS.SOC.2.4 Unique characteristics
The learner will be able to relate sociology to the social and natural sciences.
Bloom's Scope Hours Source
Evaluation Introduce 0.5 Cobb County Schools)

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