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  • Having difficulties with school adjustment
  • Dealing with loss or separation issues
  • Feeling anxious, stressed, or burned out
  • Depressed or suicidal
  • Using alcohol, tobacco, inhalants, steroids, or other drugs
  • Drug free and need support in their decision not to use
  • Victims of physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional abuse
  • Sexually active and at risk for contracting AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, or becoming pregnant
  • The children, grandchildren, siblings, or spouse of a chemically dependent person
  1. Research Based Drug and Violence Prevention Curriculum
  2. Student Leadership Programs
    • Natural Helpers - A peer-to-peer approach to helping fellow students.
    • Team Building workshops for leadership groups.
    • Sources of Strength
  3. Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation - Teaching students how to resolve conflicts without the use of violence.

Suicidal-Homicidal Ideations Protocol (.pdf)

24 Hour Crisis Line 800-715-4225

Bullying Information

911 Medical Amnesty and Naloxone Access Law

ONDCP Facts on Marijuana

2014 P/I Center Brochure

2014 Cobb County School District GA Student Health Survey Results

2013 Cobb County School District GA Student Health Survey Results

Individual School Results for GA Student Health Survey

Prevention Intervention 20 Year History PowerPoint

Prevention Intervention 20 Year History (non-activeX)

Candy that looks like
and sometimes tastes like drugs

Stop Smoking Help
(or 1-877-2NO-FUME
for Spanish speakers)

Information about Ephedrine and the dangers of using it.

School Safety Hotline
1-877 Say Stop

(A confidential violence reporting system for Cobb County Schools)

Georgia's 24-Hour Mental Health Hotline

Georgia Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools

Federal Office of Safe and Healthy Schools

Voice: 770-429-5846
Fax Number: 678-594-8963
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